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One of the best parts about joining a community is feeling part of the community, however, we admit most of our members will not have noticed our latest site feature.

We understand that joining a large and active community like Travellerspoint can be overwhelming for new members and this is why we have developed the Welcome Committee!

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A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.
Henrik Ibsen

The Welcome Committee is a group of members committed to helping new users get the best out of Travellerspoint: from help finding the right guide info to understanding how to use the forums.

Some of our respected members have already been asked to join the Welcome Committee and have truly embraced the role. They have already helped more than 20 new members become familiar with the Travellerspoint site and in turn become active members themselves.

If you would like to join the Welcome Committee, please submit your details on the Committee page here.

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We are always looking to improve our site and its features, so we'd love to hear your feedback. Tell us what you think by posting in our Forums, Facebook Page or Twitter.

Happy travels!

The Travellerspoint Team

By KellieBarnes

Posted Mon, Jun 04, 2012