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I love to wander (poor Dale❤️) So when we set off that morning we didn't have clue where we were going. All we knew was it was really cold the night before. We had so far on our travels missed the flood rains in California and the snow in Arizona, but it was starting to feel seriously cold at night. We drove north to Sedona and headed up the pass to the 1-40 to hopefully scoot through east then drop down south to warmer climes. It never gets old going through Sedona and winding up to the Flagstaff plateau. This drive did not disappoint. Beautiful blue skies framing the orangey pink mountains. Absolutely Stunning.Screenshot_20240219-182338_Google.jpg But all through the valley and up the mountain there was a good foot of snow flanking the road. It made it even a more stunning drive. As we left early (we were freezing) we made good time and had a smoothe ride into Albuquerque. We had passed through on the way to Santa Fe several times before but never bothered to stop. This time we did. For the drive into the city we decided to take Route 66. Albuquerque has done a good job of preserving the authenticity of the 1950's and 60" architecture and roadside signage. We loved it we got "our kicks on route 66". We got in and found our harvest host Starr Brothers Brewing with not not too much trouble and settled in for burgers and beer after the long drive. Dale would say this is probably the best burger he has ever had! (he's a burger snob😁)e3f91200-cece-11ee-b037-6119b1039a8c.jpgThe next morning we were ready to explore. We started the day with some mountain biking on Sandlas Mountains. A great little ride; still the cacti 🌵 to worry about but a fun rolling flowy trail. However as we started up the first little hill we both began sucking for air or rather gasping disproportionately for what we were doing. What was the matter with us??? It felt like high up in the Annapourna Circut! Had we lost our fitness level? Then it dawned on us. We were at a good elevation. How high, well about 6000 feet. Even though we would have to stop regularly to try and catch our breath ( which we never seemed to be able to😵 it was a lot of fun.20240217_093726.jpg Dale went around again while I took Tessa for a walk. Poor Tessa always having to watch out for a Cactus bur in her paw or a prairie dog snapping at her nose when she stuck it done a hole. She is learning. That afternoon we checked out Alburquerque's small but lovely old town. We wandered through the Adobe buildings filled with artisans intermingled with tourist trinkets and were lucky enough to catch some live music in the central squares gazebo. Old town felt like we were back in Mexico.20240217_144737.jpg20240217_143642.jpg20240217_141530.jpg20240217_143033.jpg20240217_140139.jpg20240217_140444.jpg20240217_141755.jpg20240217_140356.jpg20240217_144729.jpg20240217_140409.jpg That night I had booked another harvest host Kaktus Brewing in the suburb of Bernalilllo. As we drove out to it the area became more poor looking. Mostly run down mobile homes and when we pulled into where Google maps was directing us it looked like a shanty town..... I knew Dale was thinking OMG where is Shelley taking us now? And yes a version something like that did come out of his mouth but I can't print it here. When we finally figured out how to get inside the plastic and pallet surrounded trailer we were warmly welcomed and directed where to park ( up against a holey broken Mish mash of a fence with a very menacing pit bull on the otherside) We wanted to bring Tessa in with us and they told us all dogs are welcome. We didn't want her terrorized if the pit bull should come through the broken fence and start sniffing around Gary.20240217_154734.jpg20240217_154747.jpg20240217_160141.jpg We went inside the plastic room which had numerous wood firestoves burning; settled in to a comfy old chair and had supper. We had a 1/2 and1/2 pizza. My half was chicken, pinenuts and pesto and Dale had spicey elk meat. That was the weirdest combination pizza we have ever had. As we ate we watched some band members come in and starting setting up for an evening of live music. I was sure it was going to be country music ( you know how I feel about country music 👎🤮👎). Slowly people started to trickle in. Let's just say it felt like we were on the set of "Rosanne" middle America looking like they were just making ends meet and were out on a Saturday night with the bit of money they could possibly squeeze together. The band wasn't great but the atmosphere was so much fun. A mix of country and classic rock with a lot of hooting and hollering. The lead singer would pause after each song and say " let's have a big Ole drink" of which he did and so did the group of women sitting in front of us. So as the night went on the party heated up; even literally as one of the wood burners caught some kind of fabric on fire causing the plastic room to start filling with smoke. It was doused with water or beer who knows and the band played on. 20240217_181019.jpg20240217_180219.jpgToo funny, what an authentic American bar experience! Did I say I love to wander. I truly believe you never know what you will stumble upon and 99% of the time its something fantastic. And it was.. It was so cold that night ( I even shared blankets.) when we woke up and could see our breath we decided we got to get south. We will catch our favorite town Santa Fe on our way back home. Texas here we come.

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By dswanderers

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