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Lunchtime we took a taxi to Oaxaca Airport for our flight to Mexico City and then onward to Cabo San Lucas. It was going to be ten boring hours of travel but little did we know how exciting it would become for a while. The flight to Mexico City seemed to be going well with great views of mountains and extinct volcanoes (one did go off a few days ago!)

Suddenly the wind was really knocking the plane around and as we descended towards a Mexico City runway, one of the wings was just metres from touching it. The pilot gunned the engines and we were out of danger. We circled for a few minutes and then came hurtling down for attempt two but it was still too dangerous. This happened to us once before when flying into Mykonos: the pilot attempted landing twice and then announced "I'll give it one more try". He did and he managed to get us down in one piece. This time our pilot went in for his third attempt but all to no avail and off we went somewhere. It was then announced we were going to land at Queretaro Airport, 20 minutes away. Most of the people on board had connecting flights and mobile phones went crazy. Aeromexico had heard that the wind should abate soon and amazingly managed to organise re-fueling and a take-off back to Mexico City in one hour while we all stayed on board. The flight was fine but it was a very bumpy landing. We still had 90 minutes before our onward flight was due to leave

The flight to San Jose del Cabo was uneventful. We were the only passengers in the shared shuttle and finally made it to the Hotel Siesta Suites after a 45-minute drive. My watch said midnight but I'd forgotten that Cabo is one hour behind central Mexico so we nipped across the road to a bar, hoping for a beer and wine just as they were closing. It was no problem for the Uruguayan owner and his two friends from Ohio and Argentina and we had a great hour or so talking to them

We have seen no supermarkets in any of the cities we've been in except for giant Walmarts way out of the city centre. We've had to shop at mini-marts (like a lot of the locals) who charge a fortune for everything other than beer. So we bought our breakfast stuff from the local mini-mart and prepared food in our own little kitchen. The weather was good so we took a very long walk to Medano Beach, mainly because there are no signs to ANY beach until you are just a few steps away! It was full of "schoolies" on the Spring Break (the articles I read before we left said that Spring Break was later in March). We scuttled away along the sand to Farito Beach where it was pretty much deserted. I had a good swim but the water was still very cold as we were just coming into Spring

We managed to hunt down a museum to visit and it turned out to be just minutes from our hotel. The Museo de Historia Natural though small and strangely named, was actually pretty good. There was some natural history of the whole Baja Peninsula but also a lot of interesting information about the original people of the area and the mariners such as Fernando de Magallanes who visited the area during his voyages in 1519-1522

The museum also had a small collection of technology from the last fifty years or so and to my amazement they had a Kaypro portable computer which I bought and lugged around in the early 1980s, even stowing it under the seat in front of me on a plane. On exiting the museum we were blasted by ear-wrenching love ballads actually coming from the museum: only in Mexico

We then embarked on another very long walk around the very large marina. Apart from Venice, for the first time in my life I was charged more than A$8 for a coffee: A$11.50 in a small restaurant for an iced-coffee. Nice view though

Jeni and I trudged back to the hotel and vowed never to go out again before we fly away on Saturday to San Francisco (except for beer which we can afford). Of course, there will be no further pages until we get there

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