Curiosities Around Pike Place Market

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Home to Rachel the Pig, the very first Starbucks, local artists and lots of fresh produce, Pike Place Market is a fascinating and eclectic place. I enjoyed visiting the various vendors and little shops in the multi-level building, but even more so, I loved the quirky surprises around random corners of the area.


Like the Gum Wall. Yes, I think my stomach turned when I saw it, but at the same time, it was fun to photograph such a colorful display. Part of you wants to avert your eyes, but then you see that someone had stretched pieces of gum to write their name on the wall, and you can't help wondering how and why they take the time to do it. How does a Gum Wall even get started in the first place?


On other walls in the immediate vicinity, I loved looking at the floor-to-ceiling street art with overlapping advertisements, posters and graffiti. You can get a neat perspective of a city by observing what people choose to post in locations like these.


Underneath the famous sign at the entrance to the Market at Pike Place and Pike Street, Rachel the Pig is more than a photo-op. She is a piggy bank, and money that visitors deposit goes to charities. One tip: It is super crowded at the Market entrance, but Rachel the Pig has cousins, which you can find in nearby, less crowded areas of the Market.


If you do get overwhelmed by the crowds and want a quick break, I recommend walking across the street to Alaska Way, the waterfront street where you will find the piers, souvenir shops, quick bites to eat...and oh yeah, there are shrunken heads at the Ye Old Curiosity Shop. I went inside the store because I just had to see for myself. The front part of the store looks like a fairly normal gift shop, but as you walk towards the back, that's where you'll see the, um, artifacts behind glass cases. It might be a little bit scary, but similar to the Gum Wall, you cannot stop glancing back at it. And then you think it is pretty cool to be in a city where you find neat, unique things like these.


Speaking of spooky things, there are evening ghost tours through Pike Place Market, which allegedly gets after-hours visitors, if you know what I mean. I felt very tempted to take the tour. However, due to time constraints and the long walk from Pike Place Market to my hotel in the Queen Anne neighborhood, I decided not to make it happen during this trip. Next time, definitely next time.

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By rachwells

Posted Thu, May 02, 2013 | Comments