Dr. Fraiser Crane, Starbucks and the Space Needle

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If I had one word to describe Seattle, it would be cool! I have been dying to visit the NorthWest coast of the US since as long as I can remember (and Seattle in particular). I don't know why, but I always thought that I could live in Seattle. Of course until I just recently visited, I had nothing to base this on except for some very loose facts I knew about Seattle (most that I may or may not have picked up from being an avid watcher of Frasier!). Despite my groundless basis for my opinion, my gut was not wrong. I absolutely loved this uber cool city, it is so chill!

Taking the bus from Vancouver to Seattle is a relatively easy process, as long as you don't forget to renew your visa (ooopppps) and can stand being interrogated by US immigration officials (I will never understand why they have to be so rude!). Aside from being lectured about having had an expired visa to cross the border (in my defence it was a two year visa and it had only been expired by a month!), crossing the border wasn't too much of an issue. Six dollars later, and I was safely secured back in my seat on the bus and ready for the 3 hour drive to Seattle.

I opted to stay at the Green Tortoise (or something along those lines), which conveniently located me right in the thick of things at Pike Place Market. After ditching my bags, I set off on my first adventure, the most quintessential landmark in Seattle, the Space Needle. As you can imagine, there were hoards of people that day, but somehow I managed to get relatively lucky and only have a 40 minute wait before I was at the top. A few snaps later, I was at the bottom again and setting off back to Pike Place Markets for a wander. The markets are fantastic. So much fresh food (and fish!), it really is a sensory delight. On the recommendation of one of the hostel volunteers, I went to China Town for dinner and indulged in the biggest noodle bowl of my life! Yum, yum.

The following morning, I started my day with the Seattle 101 tour which was run by an American bloke who after travelling extensively through Europe with his new bride and had taken many of the free tours they offer, decided to return to America to get it started in Seattle. I don't remember his name, but he does a fantastic job educating you on the very interesting history of this funky little city. And he even gets you free taste tests of clam chowder and fries! Delicious...and well worth his generous tip, I might add!

In the afternoon I had decided to do the hostel´s "Famous Dead Guy" tour that they run. One of the hostel employees, Sascha, picks you up in the green tortoise van and you are off venturing out and exploring the famous sites of the famous dead people who have lived here (Bruce Lee, Jet Lee, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain).

That evening I went out on a pub crawl with a few of my new found friends on the dead guys tour. One thing led to another and it wasn't long before it was 4am! Where did the night go?! Well worth the lack of sleep though. I woke up early the following morning to make a 9am Market Tour that was also run by the same bloke as Seattle 101. This was certainly one of the highlights of my time in Seattle, learning all of the history about how the Pike Place markets have come to light and how they are run today. He even gets you lots of free tasters for many of the local specialties; fish, hot sauce jelly, apple chips, pickle juice shots (soooooo good! I´m a freak for pickles), fresh fruits to name a few. Following the tour, I made my way back to the bus station where I had a 1pm bus to catch, I had a very important occasion to be back for...it was Maura's birthday celebration!

Hope this finds you well, wherever it is in the world that you are.

Mel xx

You can't go to Seattle and not visit the most iconic landmark...

A beautiful city...loved everything about the Seattle...the people, the vibe...awesome, awesome, awesome

Love this picture...Seattle with Mt. Rainier in the background...it doesn't even look real...I promise it's not photoshopped!

And again...the floating mountain...

The bus-boat...a very popular tour here...I didn't do it but they're bloody everywhere!

Pike Place Markets


The oldest busker that I have ever seen...she was lethal on that guitar! Impressive.

Seattle is also home to some enormous seagulls. These fellas sit at the dock all day and beg for hot chips...

Black Hole Sun by Sound Garden...

Famous Dead Guy Tour - Bruce & Brandon Lee

Lake Washington...before I realised it was a nudey beach! And first hand caught one of our fellow hostel buddies there in the nud...Ooooppppssss. Awkward.

Famous Dead Guy Tour - Kurt Cobain's house

Blueberry picking! So juicy and delicious

Famous Dead Guy Tour - Jimi Hendrix's grave...Hey Joeeeeee!

And again...

Stealing sailor's hats on the pub crawl...Annie & I...the American Sailors were in town...watch out!

Jack shooting the boot...the evening taking a turn for the worse...and a clear explanation of the 4am bedtime.

Pike Place Market...in the daylight

Look at all that delicious seafood goodness


The fruit and vegge....yummmmm

Fresh salmon

The original location of Starbucks before there was a fire...

The "new" first Starbucks

The worlds largest gum wall


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