I went to the shop and I bought tickets to the baseball...

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Some of the best things that we have done on this trip are the things that we haven't planned, things that have happened by spur of the moment decisions. This is what keeps it interesting, because let's face it. The things we plan often don't go to plan anyway!
We arrived in Minneapolis late at night and awoke to a cold, rainy day. The plan was to go into town, get some groceries and spend the day doing a whole lot of nothing.
The cool thing about this city is that in the Downtown there is a walkway in between the buildings in the Downtown which are at a second story level, which means a) there's no traffic and b) you're sheltered from the weather, which in Minnesota is a huge deal.
But suddenly, as we're walking through the Skywalk, we spy out of our little eyes, a baseball field, not only that, there is a game, one which hasn't started yet. How lucky can you get?


As you can imagine, after being on the road for over 7 months the budget has grown tighter and tighter with every passing week, so the chances of us being able to afford tickets, we thought would be pretty slim. But hey, we thought, there's no harm in trying. So off we go, into the blistering cold, to sus out what tickets we can get for a good price.The ticket man says tickets range from $80-$18. Hmm, $18. Not bad. The result; section 331 row 3. AKA, top level, with no shelter from the weather.
We exchange a look. Turn back to the ticket man and say in unison, 'We'll take them!'
So off we go to the top level, and discover we actually have a really good view of the pitch, even though the players are somewhat smaller than your average human being. No matter. We can see.
The game begins.
Now the thing about baseball, is that if you go for one day, especially the first day, no one actually wins. A bit like test cricket. But I know the rules to test cricket.. In baseball there are a number of innings in each game and then they have to win a majority of games to win the match.
We spent the first half an hour trying to remember/figure out the rules as we knew the obvious ones, but there are so many more!!
Another thing, from the movies you expect baseball to be really fast passed, people hitting home runs, bases loaded, glory for the winners. But in actual fact, the game we watched... first innings, three strike outs, for both teams, no one actually hit the ball. Not the best start.
But it definitely got better. We watched some home runs, and after watching them miss the ball continuously, a home run is pretty damn impressive! We began to realise that it's much more difficult to play than it looks. I reckon it's pretty hard to hit the ball. Because when they hit it, it looks like they hardly have any control over where the ball goes. Interesting. But it was still exciting. The atmosphere in the crowd is what made it worth it. It's more of a sociable event, which is nice.
The best thing about the whole thing was the fact that we didn't plan it. We enjoyed it so much more because we had the added excitement of just doing something out of the blue. We didn't have any expectations for it, which made it so much better because there is no chance of being disappointed. We have learned that we can't get flustered when things don't go right, because it's just not worth it, because we can't change it. We've learnt to just accept things as they come, and this has been a really good, really big lesson.

This featured blog entry was written by kfaith90 from the blog Round the World in 2013.
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By kfaith90

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