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We have heard about Techheads,, Gearheads ,Puckheads and Deadheads. Until Oklahoma we had never heard of Parroheads???? It was a very tough drive from lovely Bentonville to Oklahoma City. Not only were we physically tired from riding that morning but about two hours into it the wind picked up substantially making it hard to keep little Gary in his lane and the sky's opened and it began pouring rain. White knuckled we pulled into our Harvest Host; Roughtail Brewing. The parking lot was fairly empty, we even parked sideways out back as there was only one other car. We thought we would go in for a quick flight and be back in Gary in our jammies reading with in an hour as the last 2 hours of the drive had taken a lot out of us We wanted comfort and bed, Dale didn't even really want beer!!! When we went in to register our friendly server told us "Your in luck" it's Jimmy Buffet night. We sarcastically thought great we'd be listening to Margaritteville played over ad nauseum and have pineapple and coconut themed beer 🍺 🤑. Let's get it over with. With in 15 minutes the place was jammed with silver heads( people like us); I mean Parrotheads as we found out., We looked like teenagers (in our minds). The music started (one guy; and he was actually quite good) and every one was having a good time. Of course the women were up dancing and the beer was flowing. After every couple of songs the singer would yell to the crowd "What time is it?" They would yell back "Time for a new beer for the team" Now we were curious....just as we were about to ask someone a lady squeezed in beside me and handed me her card. It had a parrot on it and her name was Carol and she was a Parrothead. Of course we were burning to no what is a Parrothead. She said " its a group of drinkers that have a charity problem" There are Parrotheads all over the world. The card reads "Do you enjoy the writings and music of Jimmy Buffet and the lifestyle he portrays?" Then it went on to give you an email address to find a local branch. We spent the night with The Central Olahoma Parrothead Associatiion. They put on Jimmy Buffet events with proceeds going to local charities. We had "one or two beers for the team" 20240308_174626.jpg20240308_174716.jpg20240308_180356.jpg I am ashamed to say I also pocketed a Roughtail flight glass.😵This is why we love road tripping and any travel for that matter. You meet all kinds of people (nice and not so nice) doing all sorts of kind, wonderful, strange and interesting things. We love seeing how other people live.. The world and the people in it are so interesting and pretty wonderful. The next morning we recharged with a free shower at a brand new recreation facility. (Dale always manages to talk oursselves in for free). That afternoon all squeaky clean I hate to confess I became a stalker. It wasn't planned, not really but I had a general idea. I have been religously following a gardeners you tube video for about 2 years now. She lives in Oklahoma City. I have seen her garden a couple of hundred times on her "Wednesday Walkabout" videos. I didn't know her address but I did no she lived somewhere in the vicinity of Mesta Park which is a nice older neighborhood in the downtown. So we wanted to find a park to throw the ball for Tessa. I Google mapped Mesta Park. We followed directions but as sometimes/often happens we miss a turn, which we did. As we were circling round the block I spot it! Her beautiful house and gardenknown as "The Cottage on The Hill, no mistaking it I kind of got excited☺️. To top it off even more, her videographer was getting out of his car and entering the house. He glanced at us slowing down gawking. Dale was going to roll down the window and yell "Stewart can you bring Linda out we've come all the way from Canada" I would have been mortified!!! I felt like I was a celebrity stalker. Then I proceeded to be one. We found the park but instead of throwing the ball we leashed Tessa up and proceeded to walk her around the block passing Linda's house several times catching glances at her stunning garden. OMG! i am a stalker, but I enjoyed every glimpse up close of that garden. We left Oklahoma asap as I was embarrassed at my stalking capabilities🥺.We headed a couple of hours down that miserable I -40 in the hopes of making Santa Fe the next day. Santa Fe we know as one of our favorite towns but is also one of the toughest towns for us cheap boondockers to visit. We had our hopes set for parking at a trailhead close to town but since the last time we were here 2 years ago signs of no over night parking have gone up or the parking lot was still full when we got to one. We even drove into the Santa Fe National Forest UT it was snowy covered and cold. So we headed back into town and settled for what we thought would be a miserable night with the semi trucks in the rest area just south of town. Proved be be a good choice as the area was huge with a separate area for semis out front and we could tuck Gary out back backing onto open fields with the few other nomads that were there. W we ended up having a very peaceful night so much so we used that rest area for a second night. We spent the s at re exploring Santa Fe. We love this town but it tends to be on the expensive side. It's a mystical arts town. Our first night in while we were barbque in in a park we saw a group of people earthing; walking barefoot in the grass stopping to hug the trees, brilliant! We wandered the mile long Canyon Art Walk with galleries lining both sides of the street and we're still blown away by the artists and their visions. So many very impressive diverse art mediums being used; definitely a feast for the eyes (all my artist friend...Linda Clark...Colleen Rieu you must see). Though lovely to look at way beyond these traveller's wallets. 20240311_114603.jpg20240311_113324.jpg20240311_113418.jpg20240311_120212.jpg20240311_131758.jpg20240311_121335.jpg20240311_113805.jpg20240311_122919.jpg20240311_124859.jpg20240311_124930.jpg I wish we were permitted to take pictures inside the galleries🙁We finished our at wander with our usual; a brewery. This time the very large Santa Fe Brewing Company; tasting and having a picnic to fortify us for what was to come next.That even we finally got to experience something we have wanted to go to the past 2 visits to this artsy area; Meow Wolf. If you asked us what is Meow Wolf we would have a really hard time explaining what we experienced. Their web page describes "Meow Wolf opens the portal of possibilities and redefines the paradigms of art and storytelling to make a positive difference in the world" ??? It is an assualt on your brain😻🤡👽. Seventy one rooms/spaces over two floors curated and imagined by a collective of artists in which you wander, climb through, climb under squeeze between, slide down and grope your way through all while being blasted with music (some made by you some playing spontaneously), lasers (manipulated by you or blasting at you) culminating in a live band in the center. There are puzzles to solve as you move through the spaces along with live (which you may or not realize) humans in costumes appropriate to the spaces theme. Our senior brains literally felt like they were on fire 🔥 We walked out in a daze, barely even being able to find Gary in the parking lot. What was that we wondered??? What just happened to us???20240311_171435.jpg20240311_175048.jpg20240311_174714.jpg20240311_173657.jpg20240311_174839.jpg20240311_174753.jpg20240311_171941.jpg20240311_171324.jpg20240311_172046.jpg20240311_180435.jpg20240311_174721.jpg20240311_173336.jpg20240311_175231.jpg20240311_171259.jpg20240311_171841.jpg20240311_172057.jpg20240311_170827.jpg20240311_175238.jpg20240311_175829.jpg20240311_180242.jpg20240311_180726.jpg Well worth the 40$ each as it was one of a kind experience.💖 So long to Santa Fe it will always have a special place in our wandering hearts.

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