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Time to head to Portland! I have spent a day or so in Portland when we rode the STP ride. We took the train to Seattle and hit up Voodoo Donuts... and that was about it.

This summer, on one of my safaris, I met Walt and Susan. They brought their family for safari and we all hit it off. Walt is a travel agent, but a travel agent how I thought travel agents were... when people say "I want to go here" and you plan them a trip.

When I tried to be a travel agent, it was essentially cold calling people for cruises.

No thank you.

So when I talked to Walt, he said he would be happy to help me get back into the business, and start doing it the way I wanted, which is planning trips for people... or even taking people on trips!


So I planned a weekend to go out and visit them and talk about the details in person. Much easier than trying to do it by phone and it gave me a reason to go to Vancouver and Portland anyway.

But first, sunset in Washington from the Amtrak Cascades.

Plus beach and mountain views.

And a marina!

After arriving late (unsurprisingly), Walt and Sue picked me up and we headed to their house to get settled in a bit and have a quick dinner before heading downtown to see Randy Rainbow.

If you have never heard of Randy Rainbow you need to check him out! He's hilarious and his show was amazing!
Waiting for Randy Rainbow to start!

After an awesome performance, we headed back to the house. Time for bed!

The next day Walt and I had lunch plans with one of his other agents that was going to give me some good pointers. Sadly, she had some dental issues and wasn't able to make it! So instead, I sat with Walt and he walked me through a few things and I watched him with some bookings.

And then we took the puppy on a walk.
A local school nearby.

She loves to stick her head out of the window. Luckily it was a super nice day!

We spent the evening with Whit, Walt and Sue's son, and a couple of their travel friends. We had a lovely dinner and some drinks, for which I used my new purchases from "The Modern Bartender" in Vancouver!

The next day, Sunday, we decided to head to the beach!
A small, illegal, stop to stretch our legs haha.

Haystack rock! When Nick and I were in Oregon, he wanted to go to Haystack rock. So we did. Turns out we didn't go to the correct one, it was all the way on the other side of Oregon. Well, now I've found it!

Cannon beach and Haystack rock!

Bear loving every minute of being on the beach!

Another view of Cannon Beach. Beautiful place.

After walking the beach, it was time for lunch! We headed to the seafood place right on the beach for some great food and lovely views!
Clam chowder and fish and chips. Yum!

Driving to another town to have some coffee.
We found a brewery!
A beautiful sunset on the way home.
Portland's city lights

We spent the evening relaxing with popcorn and watching the movie Blow. Neither Walt nor Sue had seen it before and so we had movie night in our pjs!

The next morning, it was time to say goodbye. :(
Airport goodbye selfie

I had such a great time with them and still was able to learn a lot! Looking forward to getting my travel agency started again, but this time, in the way I thought it would be!
Goodbye Portland! See ya next time!

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By rhwanderlust

Posted Mon, Mar 18, 2024 | USA | Comments