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I hadn't planned to stop by Mt. Rushmore initially. It actually hadn't even crossed my mind. Someone mentioned it to me, and it went right in one ear and and out the other. It just wasn't something I was very interested in. But when I was going to head up north then back down, I figured I might as well at least see where the hell Mt. Rushmore is. Turns out it's on the west side of South Dakota, and fairly within my path if I drove down to Denver on a new route. I hate the idea of driving the same road twice if I don't have to, so I decided 'sure, why not?'

The road to the site was fine. Nothing too spectacular. Then I started passing through winding rock hills, which were new, but still not super exciting. I was also running a little late (having chosen sleep over setting out again) so I was even less invested in seeing the monument. When I passed through a tunnel carved out of rock, I got a somewhat excited. Driving through something solid like that is a little thrilling. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to see Rushmore. Did I have to drive into the park and find it, or what?

That lack of knowledge I think actually really benefited me. Because when I rounded one of the many corners I'd been taking and it just appeared above me, I was totally struck by it.

It wasn't a heart skip, or a missed breath; it was just a feeling right in the center of my chest. Something that I don't experience often, quite honestly, and only during moments of extreme beauty (of some form or another.) Maybe it was the immersion of man and nature, or the actual size of the carvings, or the abruptness of how I became aware of its presence, but it touched me. And I was surprised by that. Sure, I like good ol' Abe, but I'd never been particularly into that aspect of history or politics. It was a really pleasant surprise, and something I'd largely been missing on the trip so far. I'd definitely recommend the drive through nothing for it. It's worth it.


It's so much more majestic in person.

But don't take my word for it. Go!

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By katie_rose

Posted Sat, Nov 15, 2014 | Comments