Searching For Changing Leaves

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We had a late start but we were on vacation so we didn’t care. We planned for our next stop to be Intake 2 in the Sierra’s, just west of Bishop.

As we got ready to go we realized that we’d be driving by our favorite BBQ spot west of Memphis, the Copper Top in Big Pine. We decided that we’d eat a light breakfast then stuff on ribs and goodies from Schat’s in Bishop then head up the mountain.

We ate our BBQ ribs and then pastries from Schats. An hour later we were parked in our campsite with only 2 other campers in the campground.
The weather was actually warmer than we thought that it would be so we were able to walk from the campsite over to the lake. It was a nice evening for taking photos.
The following day we started by driving up to North Lake. The road up is steep and narrow, sometimes down to one lane, with a steep drop-off. We found that leaves were beginning to turn, some shades of yellow.
Lake Sebrina is just up the main road. We were here before but this time it was very crowded with tourists. We couldn’t find any place to park so we went on down the road. We drove on to South Lake.

When we arrived at South Lake we were ready for lunch. We parked and walked up a small hill where we found a perfect picnic spot. We set up our picnic backpack, opened a bottle of wine and set out our food.
After lunch, we decided for old times' sake to hike a little way to Bishop Pass. We were surprised at how steep the trail was, steps in lots of areas. We were amazed that we could have backpacked this trail with heavy packs years ago to meet our son Justin.
We hiked for a while but turned back in time to return to our truck before dark. We got back to our campsite, made dinner and a nice evening.

This featured blog entry was written by Miss Chris from the blog Grandma on The Go.
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By Miss Chris

Posted Tue, Oct 22, 2019 | USA | Comments