Valdez to Sheep Mountain, AK

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Today was a drive from Valdez back up through Copper Center and Glennallen then on west toward Anchorage. We are in a wonderful lodge at Sheep Mountain about 100 miles or so east of Palmer. It doesn't show on any map. We could have gone onto Anchorage tonight, but we elected to stay more in the mountains.

On the way out of Valdez we stopped at the pink and coho salmon hatchery off Dayville Rd. in Valdez. It was really interesting as the salmon were already stacked up at the entrance to the fish ladder. They were hatched here and want to come back to spawn. In another week or so, when the fish are ready, they will open the gates and in they go. Unbelievable number of fish and the sea lions were taking advantage. Hopefully you can see the fish in the sea lion's mouth.


Then it was back up the Richardson Highway to Glennallen and over towards Anchorage. Again, we were blessed with great weather.


We have a wonderful cabin tonight at Sheep Mountain Lodge. Beautiful scenery and a great restaurant. There are miles of hiking trails here that we hope to do a bit of tomorrow AM before it is on to Gwin's Lodge in Cooper Landing.


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By TravelKcDc

Posted Fri, Jul 19, 2019 | USA | Comments