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A lot of work in the mountains is based on the season. When I first arrived, I started working at a Patagonia store in Breckenridge. Unfortunately, a lot of the seasonal work is part-time hours and so I was still looking for additional opportunities and that is how I came across a job working for a sleigh ride company. Two Below Zero dinner sleigh rides were operated out of the Frisco Nordic Center, which was a less then 10 minute walk from my house. I was in charge of welcoming the guests and getting them checked in. Then the sleighs would arrive and we'd send everyone out for their ride and dinner. The sleighs were pulled by mules, rather then horses, because mules are stronger and better work animals.

Meet Matthew and Roy:

I think this was Bonnie and Bell:

Finally, after working there for a few months, things slowed down just enough that I was finally able to hop on a ride myself and experience a dinner. I was able to bring Mike, Ryan, and Jamie (a friend made in CO). The food was delicious - soup and chicken and steak and veggies, and pie. So filling it was nearly impossible to eat it all! The entertainer, David Peel, was excellent; you should look up some of his stuff. He does great impressions.

It was a really fun and unique experience. I would definitely recommend it for the holidays or for guests.

I got really lucky and when my sister Jackie and her friend Becca came for their spring break in march, I was able to take them for a ride as well!

I'm hoping to help out again this season if I can make it work with my other work schedule :)

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