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G’day mateys. We often hear that Aussies just can’t wait to ditch the Commonwealth and the British Royals, but judging by the streets in Perth, they just can’t get enough of Old Blighty. This is His Majesty’s Theatre…still going strong after more than 120 years…
Perth has many elegant colonial buildings dating from its goldrush heyday in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and is ‘London to a brick’ as they say here. Perth’s most iconic street is London Court…
This mock Tudor street was built in 1937, and the façade was modelled on Liberty’s store in Regent Street, London. It’s a bustling bit of the Old Country where you can buy British badger hair shaving brushes….
And a fancy titfer for the trouble and strife…
Cor blimey, now we’ve mixed up Cockney slang with Oz. Anyway, the truth is that Perth is a beautiful city that has done a fair dinkum job of preserving its heritage while adding some fancy new office towers…
Perth is a prosperous city home to several of the giants of the Australian mining industry, although the collapse of the Chinese building boom is apparently having a serious effect on the economy. However, judging by the number of packed restaurants and bars, no one seems to be taking the economy too seriously. There are several very attractive pedestrian streets lined with eateries…
Eating out isn’t cheap, but at least the locals, (and visitors), can save a bit on transport. Unlike Sydney, the buses in the central district of Perth are all free. It’s the ultimate hop-on/hop-off experience without the, (sometimes), annoying commentaries. To get a great view of the city we took the bus to the botanical gardens where the War Memorial overlooks the city and its two rivers – the Swan and the Darling…
And we got to see more of the indigenous banksias…
We also took a short train trip to Perth’s port and seaside suburb of Fremantle where there are British fish and chips on every menu. Fremantle is where the Swan River meets the Indian Ocean. It’s even more British than Perth, with streets of elegant Victorian buildings and this original 1821 jail that was built to house convicts sent from the U.K….
Last spring in the Caribbean we raced two of Canada’s America’s Cup yachts from the 1970s, but here at the Fremantle Maritime Museum is Australia II, the yacht that in 1983 beat the Americans for the first time in 132 years…
While Perth is mild year-round, (and it has never snowed here), it can be hot in summer with temperatures above 40c. However, a fresh breeze off the Indian Ocean springs up every day at lunchtime and helps cool the place down. The breeze is known as the Fremantle Doctor because it brings in refreshing sea air from Perth’s port suburb.
So, what did we think of Perth? It’s a a real ripper of a place whose only drawback is that it is a helluva long way from anywhere. And on that note – we now have a long way to go to Singapore just in time for Taylor Swift’s performances this weekend – maybe we can get tickets?

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By Hawkson

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