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I've been busy squeezing every last opportunity out of Australia that I possibly can; climbing mountains, in sandals may I add, chasing cute fuzzy penguins, and catching a cloud via a hot air balloon. And as my time nearly comes to an end, let me tell you, the ride has been fantastic.

We'll start at the logical place, where I left off. I am lucky enough that my family owns a summer home on Phillip Island, just a couple hours drive from Melbourne. We were able to escape there one weekend to do what every Asian comes to Australia to experience; the Penguin Parade. Seriously, they come in by the bus loads, we had to buy our tickets hours in advance. Just after sunset we found our seats on the cement benches right on the beach and waited, and waited, and waited. Then, almost without noticing one or two Little Penguins come in with the small wakes. Then, more and more of the Little Penguins come, they quickly waddle up onto the beach, stop and look for predators, then furiously retreat to the water. When more of their group joins them they make a run for it as a pack towards the rocky shoreline to their homes. There were hundreds of them. This scamper and hide game went on for about an hour, about when we made our way back towards the board walks. All along the board walks the penguins have created long worn trails back to their homes. They were so close, I could pick one up and take it home with me.

Saturday was a busy day as we made the two hour drive to Wilson's Promontory, the southern most point of mainland Australia. Its an expanse, national park with plenty of walking trails and mountainous terrain. And for some reason, that still eludes me, it seemed like it would be a good idea to climb a 558m tall mountain... In Birkenstock sandals. Go me. Well, we made it, nearly lost a toe in the process, but the view from the top was worth it. Mt. Oberon is nestled between a range of several other mountains on one edge, and clear clue waters stretching out where the ocean meets the sky on the other end. Breath taking, so breath taking in fact we had to take a few 10 minutes to catch our breaths, or was that from the climb?

A successful weekend was finished off laying on the beach, soaking up some rays, and limping my way home from Phillip Island, success nonetheless, however.

My next adventure I bring you to starts at 3am on a Saturday morning. Little sleep is the price you must pay when planning to catch Melbourne still sleeping, chasing sunrise by a hot air balloon. We launched from Fitzroy Gardens, it took about 20 minutes to get the massive 80 ft balloon inflated. Then we were all piled in and we were lifting off. You barely feel that you are off the ground. You become part of the wind, as it carries you higher and higher. Eventually were next to sky scrappers and the morning cold isn't so cold anymore as you are looking down at the still sleeping Melbourne, with street lights running from the heart of the city like veins. From this view you can't tell where the ocean of Port Phillip Bay ends and the sky starts, its a serene break from the usual bustle. Coming to a landing was easy, even the tipping over part. Never do you get to know a group of strangers better than when all 10 of you are tipped into a field of morning dew. The champagne breakfast was lovely at The Hilton, and it was just after 8 o'clock before getting myself to the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens.

The massive gardens are lined with fountains, monuments and several ponds. This early in the morning it is filled with runners, weight lifters, and people getting fit. It doesn't take long before wishing I had spent more of my free time in these beautiful gardens. The entire places has green, luscious grass, trimmed to perfection like a golf course. All kinds of different intertwined trails with all kinds of vegetation, including a bamboo forest. Cally and I walked along for hours, not seeing nearly all of it.

Next we made it back to Federation Square to have lunch, watch a terrible, terrible clown entertainment and made our way to meet our street artist tour guide. He brought us down all kinds of lane ways showing us and explaining to us the underground art museum that is Melbourne street art. It is some of the best in the world, and there is an entire science to it. I was mesmerized by colours and shapes artists could get from a simple spray can. It was amazing, I will never look at graffiti the same way again. For hours we explored Melbourne's walls, walking up and down grungy lane ways that would bare no merit if it weren't for the masterpieces on the walls. All your walls Melbourne.

This upcoming weekend we will be doing the Great Ocean Road one last time before finishing my last week of school, having a last adventure to Adelaide and returning home to the snow. I can already tell that I will miss everything I am leaving behind in Australia. I wish my eyes could take photos so I could flip through all the amazing things I've seen over and over again. I may as well start the list now...

Five things I will miss about Australia:
1. everything is in bloom, all the time. From the moment I got here, which was the end of their winter season, to now, creeping steadily into summer the grass has always been green, and the wild rose and lilly's have always been in full bloom.

2. the old, detailed buildings. All of the old homes and buildings are lined with intricate steel work all along the windows, rooftops, and balconies. It makes me feel as though I am living in a different time all together.

3. All of the generous people making sure you are enjoying your stay in Australia. It's like each person is Australia's own ambassador; all making suggestions, house keys, and lending a hand as often as possible.

4. And while were on the topic of people, let us not forget the wonderful accents all the Australian people have. I don't even question it anymore, and most times I have to ask myself if they are even talking with an accent. Still, my accent sucks, so don't expect me to be talking like Crocodile Dundee when I return, accents just aren't for me.

5. Last but certainly not least, I will miss all the public transport. Which, believe me, is the last thing I thought I would be saying. But, the trams, trains, and busses have supplied me with a lifetime of laughter and good times. Don't forget I have the unrelenting schedule of the public transport to thank for sculpting my calves while I've been here.

In the next couple weeks the list of things I will miss about Australia will continue to get bigger, as this measly 5 numbered list will not even scratch the surface once I return home. Until then, I am busy. Busy soaking up every opportunity I can from this lovely country, making all the memories I can, because as it turns out, memories paint the best pictures.

Talk soon friends, and hopefully see you all sooner.


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