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What can we say about Melbourne. Everybody raves about the eateries, coffee shops and the shopping. Our experience? Well the coffee has been good, both hot and cold versions. The shopping has been fruitful, yes we did get a couple of banana's, milk & yoghurt. Deborah gave some bananas to a homeless person to help them out. And the food, when you can get it, has been good.
The downside has been trying to find a restaurant open on Sunday night near where we, and our Wagga friends, are staying. But the worst was the Japanese restaurant, Niku Niku, for our Saturday night's dinner where we were to meet some of our new Cruise buddies (coming in all the way from Blackburn), who were missing us. We booked for 8.30pm, arrived and we're told we needed to order immediately, as they were closing before 9pm. Not told this when we booked, and website and door times state 10pm close. So we upped chopsticks and headed down the road for a great meal at a Chinese restaurant named Red Cliff. We had a lovely fun filled evening with Michael & Julie.

We took a walk earlier to Queen Victoria Markets, and found a shop where you can refill your wine bottle at a discount, a very ethical and wastage friendly idea. And then headed down to Woolies at QV Centre on Lonsdale Street.
Lonsdale Street was buzzing.
It is the Lonsdale St. Greek Festival, but it was all Greek to us. Literally.

Another walk around on Sunday found Ian discovering even more libraries. The State Library of Victoria,
And a quaint 'Little Library' in a shopping centre, which is like a book exchange.
We had a lovely lunch in Melbourne in a quaint little cafe in Royal Arcade. We then saw this lovely little shop, Hoot

Of course, as we walked around Deborah did discover the Nespresso shop, and we popped in for a free sample or 2. She also hit the Pandora shop! Then it was time for a circle ride on the free tram.

Now it's time for some dinner, prepared in our Inner City apartment, and a Glass or 2 of the best NZ wine.

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By iandeborah

Posted Sun, Feb 24, 2019 | Comments