T +4 Rotorua to Taupo a modest 66 kms

Community Highlights Oceania T +4 Rotorua to Taupo a modest 66 kms

The second must do in Rotorua was first thing on the agenda today, Waiotapu Geothermal Springs and after the heat of yesterday we felt we should get up early and get there for the parks 0830 opening. Given that jetlag is still with me and I’m wide awake at anywhere between 4am and 5am, no problemo! As we left some 2 and a bit hours later cars and buses were queuing on the in road....

Really amazing place and you soon get used the on off whiff of sulphur. The colours in Champagne Lake and the Devils Lake, quite something, quite bright.... some of The Lord Rings was filmed in the collapsed ground holes and the gurgling of the hot springs apparently used to good sound effects in Mordor.....


On leaving the park you take a little side detour to the bubbling mud pool, well worth it when you come by this way...


We then stopped at a famous lava glass blowing factory (Karen and I both fans of fancy glass), so bought a souvenir, and visited their glass garden...


From there another detour to Huka Falls on the edge of Taupo and a look at the Geothermal power station (nope I’ve never seen one before)...


After a walk around Taupo you notice that they love a large mural... almost any large wall... this is just 2 or 3, I saw loads


Afternoon power nap before crackers, cheese and wine with Douglas the duck (eventually joined by quite a few friends!). It’s 730pm and still 29 degrees, think I might be a little burnt today (again!)


Another gentle day tomorrow as we head to Napier

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By Ollielodge900

Posted Wed, Jan 30, 2019 | Comments