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Continuing on from the last blog post.. we had an interesting bunch of guests that week. As they all wanted to go and watch the football as soon as they arrived, we failed to do the welcome speech at in our usual time slot. We like to get it done as soon as everyone arrives so everyone knows whats going on and can sit back and relax on their holiday. The other reason we do it on arrival rather than before the evening meal, is because people like to get drunk. And boy did these guys come back drunk from the football. Poor Ben had to yell the welcome speech out as best he could whilst facing constant interruptions and terrible jokes. He got through it but missed about half of it out. That week was tough, we can’t blame it all on the welcome speech but we had missing food out of the main fridge, people eating our personal food, using our washing machine and entering rooms which clearly said staff only. We also had missing guests for dinner and breakfast, cups and plates going awol and guests leaving early. It was like the Russian guests we had had returned. It was a tough week for sure, we even had to move all of our food into a cardboard box and we placed it on our window ledge hoping it would be cool enough and safe enough. The guests even starting tucking into items that were for the guests the following week. We still remained professional and happy even though inside we were not. It was a 4.45am wake so see those guests off, we weren’t happy to be waking up that early but we were glad to see the back of that week. We had quite good tips that week but not worth all of the hassle. Our guests that day all left at different times which meant the cleaning of the chalet was harder and dragged on for longer. Even after they had gone we were still noticing things that had gone missing, like the plug adaptors.


Ben’s uncle Simon came to visit. He actually came to visit his daughter who was working in another part of the three valleys but unfortunately she ended up going home with an injury. We weren’t far from where she was working and where Simon was staying and so it was pretty easy to meet up. Simon’s other half also joined him on the trip and so as a foursome, we headed up to Mount Vallon. Great runs, great views and great company.


The DC park has been on our list of places to visit for a little while now but as we aren’t yet advanced enough to use it, we have been intimated by those who are. We decided to get Anna’s camera out and go have a look around, but don’t worry parents, we didn’t go on any of the jumps!


Each Thursday (our day off) we try to do some different activities so we aren’t constantly snowboarding or watching Netflix. We decided to do a yoga lesson. We got the bus and had no idea where to go, we only had some rough directions from a friend. After lots of guessing and a few phone calls later, we made it. It was fast flowing yoga and it was tough! It was a 2 hour lesson and we were absolutely knackered after it. The idea of snowboarding on top of that was just not a nice thought. We decided to catch the olympic lift bubble down right to the lowest part of the Méribel valley, Brides-Les-Bains. We were with Veronica too, and so the three of us had a walk around, got some coffee and then Ben taught V how to play checkers!


After visiting the DC park, we were inspired to try out some tricks and jumps. We went to the Haribo park, basically the little kids park where everyone goes with their families. It was a great place to practice a few little jumps and boxes. We haven’t been for a while now though so we will have to go again soon. On one of our runs down through the Haribo park, we were surprised to see a boy lying across the run with his mum stood by him. We stopped to help, and luckily one of our friends is practically fluent in French as the boy had potentially broken his wrist and was in a lot of pain. We called for help and he got taken away by emergency services.

We have actually been having quite a bit of rain lately, and it has been very warm. The slopes have still been ok, only slightly icy in places so we have still been managing to get out a lot. Anna decided that now she has a new snowboard, it was time to invest and spend all her tip money on some new boots!


Last Tuesday, we had a crazy activity idea, to do a sunrise climb. We woke up at 3.30am, grabbed our stuff, walked for almost three hours, sat at the top of a mountain and watched the sun rise above the Méribel valley. We didn't see the actual sun, because we were facing the other way. We were suppose to get right to the top of the Loze express lift where we would see the sun but because of avalanche risk, we were told by the piste bashers not to go any higher. It was still pretty good but a part of us wants to do it again to see the sun. It was that cold and tiring I don't think we will though. Anna made a video of our journey:


We also did a sunset climb but didn't manage to watch the sun set as we got kicked off the mountain as it closed. Anyone noticing a theme here? Still got some nice photos on the mountain though:

We seem to get better sunset photos from our kitchen window...


Ben has now invested in some earplugs. They are helping a lot. Each week, we never know what guests we are going to get. A rowdy bunch, a quiet bunch, a hardly ever here bunch or a always see them bunch. That’s the hardest part of this job role, living with 13 different strangers each week, who make lots of different noises. Although we are used to it now, our sleep is very precious to us and it is hard to get a well rested night when you never know what your in for. We now lock all the private staff only doors and our bedroom doors at all times as sadly, not everyone can be trusted.

We haven’t had snow for ages, it’s been like it was at Christmas time all over again. Luckily, in the past couple of days, the snow has fallen and we are due even more this week. We are so glad to have one last big dump of snow before the season ends.

Anna went on a walk and got some more lovely photos, we have so many!!

There has been some French strikes going on recently too and it’s all Brexit related. The French wanted to demonstrate what the airports will be like after a no deal Brexit. This means some of our guests have been having some difficulty getting through security and passport checks, luckily nothing major though.

Last week we had a guest on a FOD Map diet. This was extremely difficult to cater for. You should google it, then you will understand where we are coming from. We accidentally served our guest 2 things he shouldn't of had, but luckily he noticed and let us know. I really hope we don’t get another guest on the same diet. Next week our guests are one big booking and none of them eat pork. One of them has a nut allergy, another a seafood allergy, one is pescaterian and one is both gluten and dairy free. We also have our first baby guest in our chalet. It’s definitely going to be an interesting week.

We have been told we are expecting to leave around the 19th of April, just a little earlier than originally anticipated. We are having lots of fun with all of our adventures, our snowboarding, our cooking and baking and being social butterflies. However we are starting to look forward to coming home. We are looking forward to our own privacy and freedom, even though we are going to miss this place, we are excited to be coming home. We are now beginning to plan where we are going to live, what jobs we will work and if we need to buy cars for a summer back in the UK!

And just to end on a bit of a high, look who won Chalet Hosts of the Week...

Anna has also had some more blog posted for wearerestless:

Peace x


P.s, our neighbour and coworker keeps feeding the dog sausages, and now he comes to our balcony to see if he can get any of us! Cheeky doggy...

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