10 Photos of Beaches Around the World

Community Highlights Photography 10 Photos of Beaches Around the World

1. Boeing landing on Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles. Photo by Utrecht.

1. Star not in the sky :). Bohol, Philippines. Photo by juneeeee.

3. Fraser Island Shipwreck. Fraser Island, Australia. Photo by thedever.

4. Spirit of Africa. Late in the evening, a storm approaches and an old boat stranded on a Zanzibar beach catches the last of the light. Tanzania. Photo by marni-j.

5. Legian Beach, Bali, Indonesia. Photo by CatAttack.

6. Taraffal Beach, Cape Verde. The patrons of Taraffal beach. Photo by Makini.

7. Relaxing. Thailand. Photo by Makini.

8. Iceberg beach, Iceland. Photo by Utrecht.

9. Happy toes. Mexico. Photo by ssshauna.

10. When the sky and the sea both blushed together. Sunset on the sea beach of Mandarmani, India. Photo by Reshmi.

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Every month, Travellerspoint throws a travel photo competition with a unique theme. The photos above are the favourites from last month's Beaches photo competition.

We had joint winners: Utrecht and juneeeee. They both win a $50 Amazon voucher, a Globetrotter's Logbook and an increase of their photo upload limit by 5 GB.

By dr.pepper

Posted Tue, Mar 10, 2009