10 Photos to Spark Your Sense of Adventure

Community Highlights Photography 10 Photos to Spark Your Sense of Adventure

Every two months, Travellerspoint holds a photo competition for our members. The photos below are the best photos from the Adventure Photo Competition.

1. Photo Competition Winner: Sunrise/sunset in Swedish Lapland, Sweden. Photo by bsmethers.

2. Photo Competition Runner-up: Sleeping on ice, Quebec, Canada. Photo by snowgirl.

3. Balloon safari in South Africa. Photo by bsmethers.

4. Atop Mt Fitzroy, Patagonia, Argentina. Photo by Iyer.Taracad.

5. Sunrise balloon ride, Dubai. Photo by rscott1948.

6. Afghan motorcycle man, Afghanistan. Photo by ErinDriver.

7. Sunrise in Mezguida, Morocco. Photo by StephenJen.

8. At the Foot of the Serrano Glacier, Chile. Photo by tommiesuem.

9. Embracing Alaska, USA. Photo by Rhombus.

10. Solitude in the sands, Mezguida, Morocco. Photo by StephenJen.

Congratulations to bsmethers, who won the competition. They get to take home a holiday package courtesy of Much Better Adventures as well as a Picture organic t-shirt.

Second-placed snowgirl wins a Picture organic t-shirt from Much Better Adventures.

We have a fresh doors and windows themed competition kicking off next week.

Check out the results of past competitions:

By katekendall

Posted Sun, Jul 31, 2011