10 Pristine Sunrises and Sunsets

Community Highlights Photography 10 Pristine Sunrises and Sunsets

Every two months, we hold a photo competition for our members. The community shortlists the top photos and votes for their favourites. The photos below are the best photos from the Sunrises and Sunsets Photo Competition.

1. Photo Competition Winner: Fog Sunrise, Yarrawonga, Australia. Photo by rene52.

2. Runner-up: Silhouette in Jaco, Costa Rica. Photo by labell.

3. Sunrise at Pedra do Sino, Brazil. Photo by samvas.

4. Quiver Tree Forest in Keetmanshoop, Namibia. Photo by Ofelia.


5. Caribbean Fire, Panama Canal, Caribbean. Photo by rhislop.

6. Sunrise and Ice in Duluth, USA. Photo by Rhombus.

7. Jaisalmer, India. Photo by anksreview.

8. 'Que linda!' in Eivissa, Spain. Photo by phegg.

9. Train view from Nha Trang to Hanoi, Vietnam. Photo by automidori.

10. Light Magic, Base Camp, Nepal. Photo by sirishbc.

Congratulations to rene52, who won the competition. They receive one full set of merino wool thermals and one sport t-shirt valued at $255 from Pentonvillain.

The runner-up labell gets a sport t-shirt and beanie valued at $110 from Pentonvillain.

Check out the results of past competitions:

By katekendall

Posted Tue, Dec 06, 2011