13 Amazing Photos Depicting Decay

Community Highlights Photography 13 Amazing Photos Depicting Decay

1. Bathtub Cat, Portugal. Photo by Makini.

2. Tblisi backstreet, Georgia. Photo by Utrecht.

3. Vehicle abandoned in the Danakil depression sulphur area. Probably abandoned 20-30 years ago and has just been attacked by the sulphur. Photo taken in Ethiopia by kiwilara.

4. Rubbish "embedded" along a mountain stream in Manali, India. Photo by joffre.

5. Roses of rust. Photo taken in Namibia by Ofelia.

6. Early 16th Century gate near the tomb of the Mughal Emperor Humayun, Delhi, India. Photo by dinah1.

7. Abandoned oil rig in the desert of Namibia. Photo by Ofelia.

8. Pripyat School, Ukraine. Photo by RedMonkey.

9. Decayed body of a wild goat at northern Spanish mountains. Photo taken in Spain by piroclast.

10. Door in the 11th Century Village of Sentendre. Hungary. Photo by david.byne.

11. Rural decay, New Zealand. Photo by Spearsy.

12. Rustic mail boxes. Photo taken in China by mskaye.

13. Amazingly clean washing amongst decaying buildings in Mumbai. Photo by dinah1.


The photos above are the top voted pics from our Decay Competition.

Congratulations to Makini, whose photo of the cat on the bathtub won the competition this month. Martin wins a $50 Amazon voucher, a Globetrotter's Logbook, and an increase of his photo upload limit by 5GB.

Utrecht wins a Globetrotter's Logbook as well as a 5GB increase of his photo upload limit on Travellerspoint by coming second.

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By dr.pepper

Posted Tue, Oct 06, 2009