17 Stunning Landscape Photos

Community Highlights Photography 17 Stunning Landscape Photos

1. Tree trunks in Deadvlei, Namibia. By Ofelia

2. Franz Joseph Glacier, New Zealand. By aimsuk

3. Light Magic. Mt. Fishtail from the Base camp at the time of Sunset, Nepal. By sirishbc

4. Mountain Moon Magic. Annapurna Range at dawn, Nepal. By sirishbc

5. Storm Brewing Over Porter Heights, New Zealand. By dinah1

6. Milford Sound, New Zealand. By bruntonal

7. Salinas Grandes - Prov. Jujuy y Salta - Argentina. By JOSE_MARIA

8. Mount Sunday. Mount Sunday was the location for Edoras and Meduseld in the film "Lord of the Rings". It is a rocky outcrop in the Canterbury Plains next to the Southern Alps in the Rangitata Valley in the Ashburton District. By dinah1

9. Beautiful sunset at Stockton Beach, New South Wales, Australia. By lauradj

10. A cold day in Venice. By gcsmith

11. Vietnam - Halong Bay. By AC Frieden

12. Beautiful Reflections on Lake Wakatipu. This photo was shot on a very calm day on the Way to Glenorchy, New Zealand. By dinah1

13. Peyto Lake. Icefields Parkway, Banff National Park, Alberta. By bobrk607

14. Antarctica. Wonderful landscapes and of course, penguins. By marlis

15. "Snow" on Bonaire. Salt mountains. By marlis

16. Wet salt... Photo taken in Bolivia by Rinoa

17. Croatia - Dubrovnik. By AC Frieden


Every month, Travellerspoint holds a photo competition for our members with a specific theme. The photos above are the top voted pics from our Landscapes Competition.

Congratulations to Ofelia, whose photo of tree trunks in Deadvlei won the competition this month. Maaret wins a $50 Amazon voucher, a Globetrotter's Logbook, and an increase of her photo upload limit by 5GB.

aimsuk wins a Globetrotter's Logbook as well as a 5GB increase of his photo upload limit on Travellerspoint by coming second.

If you missed out this time, there's always next time. You can now submit photos for our Decay Photo Competition.

Meanwhile, be sure to vote for your favourite photo in the Patterns Photo Competition. Voting is now live.

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Posted Thu, Jul 30, 2009