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Back to Bagan
We are finishing our trip in Bagan, the Unesco World Heritage ancient city in central Myanmar. It is 50 square miles of temples (numbering in the thousands) so we didn’t get to all of them today, just one in fact. Sulimani Pahta is the crown jewel of Bagan temples in terms of dramatic architecture. It combines horizontal planes of the early Bagan period with the vertical lines of the middle period. The masonry is so remarkable that even a needle cannot fit between the bricks. We weren’t planning on visiting it today but sitting out forlornly in the distance as we were biking down the road back to New Bagan, it beckoned us for a visit.









We went to Nyaung U, the local town, at noon to get an air ticket back to the capital on our electric bikes. Bagan entrepreneurs just introduced them and for $8 a day you can buzz around at 15 mph on an electric bike which allows more options in visiting the widespread temples at Bagan.


This featured blog entry was written by mjschrum from the blog Meanderings in Myanmar.
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By mjschrum

Posted Wed, Oct 23, 2013 | Myanmar | Comments