Doors and Windows: Stunning Photography to Transport You

Community Highlights Photography Doors and Windows: Stunning Photography to Transport You

Every two months, we hold a photo competition for our members. The community shortlists the top photos and votes for their favourites. The photos below are the best photos from the Doors and Windows Photo Competition.

1. Photo Competition Winner: Look up in Udaipurwati, India. Photo by krunal.

2. Runner-up: A view in Puno, Peru. Photo by kostlin.

3. Runner-up: Almerían layering in Almeria, Spain. Photo by amartxa.

4. Siem Reap, Cambodia. Photo by kostlin.

5. Overcome by sand in Eucla, Australia. Photo by a1132271.

6. Thessaloniki, Greece. Photo by bgh.

7. Fatima's Hand in Hombori, Mali. Photo by LuisDafos.

8. Window viewing in Cromwell, New Zealand. Photo by aimsuk.

9. A Blue View in Bergama, Turkey. Photo by kookie888.

Congratulations to krunal, who won the competition. They receive $100 worth of items of their choice from camera bag and case guru M-ROCK.

Runners-up kostlin and amartxa also receive an M-Rock voucher, this time for $30 each.

Thanks all for your entries and don't forget we have a fresh sunset and sunrise-themed competition kicking off next week!

Check out the results of past competitions:

By katekendall

Posted Wed, Oct 05, 2011