Green: 12 Photos from Travellers around the World

Community Highlights Photography Green: 12 Photos from Travellers around the World

1. The thumb nail sized Eastern Dwarf Tree frog on an Aloe Vera stem, Byron Bay. Photo by joffre

2. Coffee smoke through the trees. On a monastic island in Lake Tana near Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. Photo by kiwilara

3. Neatly planted rows of green tea grown at the famous Boseong plantation, South Korea. Photo by joffre

4. Rainforest foliage. Tongkoko Reserve, North Sulawesi. Photo by baluba

5. Sit down. Photo taken in the United Kingdom by Ardy

6. An ancient Shilla burial mound (ie. Tumuli) in Gyeongju, South Korea. Photo by joffre

7. Near Timbuktu. Photo by LuisDafos

8. Brazilian Parrot. Photo taken in Brazil by hayden111

9. The annual dyeing of the Chicago River for St. Paddy's Day. Photo taken in the USA by edav867

10. Does the cat know the secret behind this green door in Dubrovnik, Croatia? Photo by dinah1

11. The one. Photo taken in the United Kingdom by averynkh

12. Lost in green. A white egrett in the peanut field. Photo taken in Nicaragua by marlis


Every month, Travellerspoint holds a photo competition for our members with a specific theme. The photos above are the top voted pics from our Green Competition.

Congratulations to joffre, whose photo of the Eastern Dwarf Tree frog won the competition this month. Joffre wins a $50 Amazon voucher, a Globetrotter's Logbook, and an increase of his photo upload limit by 5GB.

kiwilara wins a Globetrotter's Logbook as well as a 5GB increase of his photo upload limit on Travellerspoint by coming second.

If you missed out this time, there's always next time. You can now submit photos for our Architecture Photo Competition.

Meanwhile, be sure to vote for your favourite photo in the Tradition Photo Competition.

Check out the results of past competitions:

By dr.pepper

Posted Mon, Nov 02, 2009