Music: The Universal Language (in pictures)

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1. A government sponsored musician strikes up a tune in the entrance chowk to Jaisalmer Fort. Sure, he was doing it for the benjamins (baksheesh benjamins?), but he was engaging, friendly, and he knew what he was doing with his chunk of wood. Good on him. Photo taken in Jaisalmer, India by elcapitan.

2. Pakistani Border. Photo taken on India / Pakistan border by Ardy.

3. Jazz. Photo taken in the USA by janetomich.

4. Havana, Cuba. Photo by marlis.

5. Havana, Cuba. Photo by marlis.

6. Udaipur Musicians and Dancers. Photo taken in Udaipur, India by blytonrtw.

7. Love Strings: The cello that serenades couples on their wedding days. Photo by wershwie.

8. Praga. Photo taken in Prague, Czech Republic by paperix72.

9. Irish weekend musician inside Carrickfergus Castle playing traditional Irish songs. Photo taken in Northern Ireland by eTRAVEL.

10. Child playing Drum. Photo taken in Indonesia by rungtip.

11. Bandoneon player in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo by marlis.

12. Irish musician inside a castle in Northern Ireland. Photo by eTRAVEL.

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The photos above are the favourites from our Music photo competition.

Congratulations to elcapitan for winning with his photo of the musician in front of Jaisalmar Fort. Ardy was the runner-up, with another shot taken in the Indian sub-continent. elcapitan wins a $50 Amazon voucher, a Globetrotter's Logbook and an increase of his photo upload limit by 5 GB. Ardy also receives a Globetrotter's Logbook and 5GB increase of her photo upload limit.

By dr.pepper

Posted Tue, Apr 07, 2009