The Top Travel Photos of 2013

Community Highlights Photography The Top Travel Photos of 2013

Judge's Prize Winner: Phuket Vegetarian Festival, Thailand. Photo by timinphuket.

"Fantastic framing and composition here! There's a real energy to the image, not only because of the nature of the event and what's going on in the frame, but because of the decisions the photographer made when capturing the action" – Terence Carter

Congratulations to timinphuket, who won the Judge's Prize and has scored a $500 voucher for the Viator travel experience of his choice!

People's Choice Prize Winner: Dueling Horses, Mongolia. Photo by beyondthe.

beyondthe wins a 160x120cm ixxi photo collage!

Best Storyteller Winner: Early Morning Blessing, India. Photo by o4fuxake.

o4fuxake receives a copy of photographer Cam Cope's book Picture 1000 Words.

"The photographer has captured an intimate moment in a crowd that conveys human spirituality on both an individual and a group level. It is also a very delicate composition of many moving subjects [and] shows excellent use of the low available light" – Cam Cope

Wall Art in Berlin, Germany. Photo by Rianda.

Twins in Mariama Kunda, Gambia. Photo by bicoid75.

Let Love and Compassion Rule Our World, India. Photo by sirishbc.

Kilimanjaro, Kenya. Photo by 30byThirty.

The Ram Ghat, India. Photo by Arunava.

Balloon Rise Bagan, Myanmar. Photo by hayden111.

Banff, Canada. Photo by garycollins2.

Cheetah Closeup, Botswana. Photo by

Looking Through the Acorn!, USA. Photo by Annette_22.


The photos above are the top photos from the Best of 2013 Photo Competition.


By KellieBarnes

Posted Tue, Dec 17, 2013