Whimsical White: Photos from Around the Globe

Community Highlights Photography Whimsical White: Photos from Around the Globe

1. Water fountain in a park in Christchurch, NZ. Photo by dinah1.

2. A lighthouse along the St Lawrence River in Gaspesie, Quebec, Canada. Photo by snowgirl.

3. Vall d'Incles sombras at Soldeu, Andorra. Photo by JOSE_MARIA.

4. A great egret on a fisherman's boat at Holbox Island, Mexico. Photo by snowgirl.

5. Shells in Florida, USA. Photo by Isadora.

6. Snow-covered park bench at Olot, Spain. Photo by margaretm.

7. White fences of an Idaho Horse Ranch, USA. Photo by Rhombus.

8. White, Gimmelwald, Switzerland. Photo by guilherme.

9. St Olaf wind generator at Northfield, USA. Photo by strongarm.

10. Have a seat at Breda, Netherlands. Photo by Utrecht.

Every two months, Travellerspoint holds a photo competition for our members. The photos above are the best photos from the White Photo Competition.

Congratulations to dinah1, who won the competition. She takes home a $100 Travellerspoint accommodation voucher.

Second-placed snowgirl wins a $50 Travellerspoint accommodation voucher.

We have a fresh competition kicking off this week. Click here to find out how to enter.

Check out the results of past competitions:

By katekendall

Posted Tue, Mar 22, 2011