Yellow: 13 Brilliant Photos from Canada to Ethiopia

Community Highlights Photography Yellow: 13 Brilliant Photos from Canada to Ethiopia

1. Canola fields, Alberta. Photo taken in Canada by bobrk607.

2. Varanasi Roof Top Boys. Photo taken in Varanasi, India by Ardy.

3. Toucan upclose. Photo taken in Brazil by Utrecht.

4. Boa vista. Deserto viana. Photo taken in Cape Verde by paperix72.

5. Eiffel Tower. Photo taken in Paris, France by SheIsFree.

6. Yellow leaf. Taken inside Ormeau Park... one of Belfast's beautiful urban parks which was formerly considered as the future site for the Stadium of Belfast. Photo taken in Belfast, Northern Ireland by eTRAVEL.

7. Capo verde. Photo taken in Cape Verde by paperix72.

8. Tree snake. Photo taken in Costa Rica by hayden111.

9. Capoverde. Deserto viana. Photo taken in Cape Verde by paperix72.

10. Old lady at Schwedagon, Yangoon. Photo taken in Myanmar by tarmo.

11. Sun behind the clouds at Sunset. The sun was on its way down and it nipped behind these low clouds. Photo taken in Barbados by Sunniebgi.

12. Sulphur Pools. Sulphur pools in the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia. Photo taken by kiwilara.

13. Dinner is served. A couple of yummy yellow birds found at a market during a motorcycle trip to Sa Pa in Northern Vietnam. Photo taken in Vietnam by The Rasmus.

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Every month, Travellerspoint throws a travel photo competition with a unique theme. The photos above are the favourites from last month's Yellow photo competition.

Congratulations to bobrk607 for winning with his photo of canola fields in Alberta. Ardy was the runner-up, with her photo of two boys in Varanasi. Bobrk607 wins a $50 Amazon voucher, a Globetrotter's Logbook and an increase of his photo upload limit by 5 GB. Ardy also receives a Globetrotter's Logbook and 5GB increase of her photo upload limit. If you can't get enough of the theme 'Yellow', and happen to be swinging by Rome, you might want to check out the Yellow, a youth hotel that rates really highly with our members.

By dr.pepper

Posted Mon, May 04, 2009