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Mostly when we think of travel websites, we tend to think of sites that cater for broad audiences (like Travellerspoint itself). But there are also a great many websites out there that cater to specific areas of interest or styles of travel. And sometimes these websites do not get the attention they deserve.

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But first, why?

I thought I'd speak to a few of the people who run these niche blogs to understand what makes them tick. Carmina runs a blog specifically about subcultures of the world, highlighting anything from goth festivals to hardcore punk rockers in Myanmar and LGBT culture in Israel. Carmina says, "I love this niche because I feel my writing can make a difference: I can shine a positive light on people / alt cultures that are often misunderstood, and let their voices and perspectives be heard."

Thomas Dowson runs a blog on the topic of Archaeology Travel, something that came to pass from a professional background in archaeology. While living in France he realised how hard it was to find information about archaeological heritage, particularly for destinations off the beaten path. As a blogger on the topic, the ability to focus on one particular component makes things somehow simpler. He says, "when I approach a destination, I do not have the worry about how much coverage that place already has or finding a new angle. The purpose of my blog provides my focus, and keeps me going." And for anyone looking to start their own travel website: "I could not agree more then that choosing a niche that you are passionate about is probably the best advice for anyone starting out. "

Bearing in mind the comments from authors behind sites like these, I went hunting for more niche sites and found a huge range of interesting topics covered by niche travel websites. There's bound to be something in this list that you will find appeals to your interests.

For the Birders

For those with a keen interest in spotting birds, travelling to new places can be a big part of the hobby. BirdingPal is a bird watching club for world travellers and the perfect place to find like minded people

For the Walkers

Walkopedia is a handy niche site tailored to those travellers who love to go walking.

For the Paranormally Inclined

Many of us have visited a ghost tour while travelling for something fun to do. For those who really want to seek out this kind of thing and are travelling in the US, Haunted Travels USA. You could equally use this website to find interesting haunted places to visit, or maybe places to avoid!

For the Storm chasers

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Most of us are pretty keen to stay away from storms when we're travelling. But not the storm chasers! For them, nothing is better than a fantastic storm and chasing them down is their idea of a fun time. Stormgasm is a collaborative site about storm chasing, showing off great photos as well as educating people on storms. The personal blog of George Kourounis, Stormchaser provides further insight into what makes storm chasers tick.

For the Rock Climbers

If you find that scaling cliffs is what helps you relax, then mainstream travel sites will only take you so far. Head to one of these rock climbing websites to discover the lowdown on routes you want to tackle or work out new places to go to for a rock climbing adventure Mountain Project, Super Topo and The Crag are a few of the major rock climbing sites worth checking out.

For Those who Sleep In Airports

A long time favourite of ours, Sleeping in Airports gives you the intel you need on airports around the world and where the best spots are to sleep in them. This is useful for travellers on the cheap as well as those who might just have to do this out of necessity.

For Destination Collectors

Most of us are pretty happy just to get away to a new place, but there is a certain category of travellers who really, really like to go places for the sole purpose of ticking it off a list. Several websites have sprung up to cater to this niche. They can have various ways of keeping a tally, but all with the same ultimate goal - to become the world's best travelled person! In no particular order the ones I am aware of are The Travelers Century Club, Most Traveled People and The Best Travelled.

One of these extremely well travelled people blogs here on Travellerspoint under the username LuxuryRogue. A country collector with a specific focus on hard places, his blog - Gentleman Adventurer - makes for fascinating reading.

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For Gardeners

As a gardener myself, this is just the kind of travel site that makes me want to go places. Follow the adventures of the Globetrotting Gardener and in the process get a nice list of new countries to visit just to check out their amazing gardens. Or even just worldly ideas for your garden at home.

For Location Independent Professionals and Digital Nomads

For some travel is not just for fun any more, it's made a part of life. That means taking work with you on your travels with the general goal of increasing the length of your trip. They are referred to as Location Independent Professionals (or LIPs) and sites like Nomadlist cater to their specific needs. Instead of just searching for places with some interesting things to see, Nomadlist also categories them by how fast the internet is and what rent prices are like. A number of blogs also cater to the digital nomads like Nomad Girls Travel which is specifically written for female digital nomads.

For the Hitchhikers

Hitchwiki provides a hub for those people who like to travel the world by thumb. A great co-operative resource tackling all the issues you might encounter. There's also various blogs on the topic of course, like Iris Veldwijk's Mind of a Hitchhiker detailing her hitchhiking adventures all over the world.

For Lovers of the Obscure

Atlas Obscura, a self-described "explorer's guide to the world's hidden wonders" provides a fantastic collection of unusual places to visit around the world.

If you're doing a US road trip and have a taste for the offbeat, Roadside America is well worth a look for ideas on things to see along the way.

For Geocaching

What is geocaching you ask? It's a game of sorts where people hide geocaches for others to find. The act of tracking down these geocaches is reason enough for some people to head off travelling. is where you go to join in what they refer to as the world's largest treasure hunt.

For Horse Lovers

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Horse Trotting is set up for the equinely inclined travellers amongst us. Showcasing trails around the world, horse events or just interesting sites that have some relation to horses. Perfect for when you have both a passion for travel and a passion for horses. For even more of equestrian writing, you can check out Nancy D Brown's Writing Horseback blog which provides tips to help with your next horsey vacation.

For the Literary Types

For many of us, books can really transport our minds across the world. Sites like the Literary Traveler explores the literary imagination. They focus on producing inspiring articles about writers, creative artists, and the places that they lived and traveled.

For LGBTQI Travellers

For LGBTQI travellers, there can be particular challenges or interests. IGLTA bills itself as the leading global resource in the LGBTQI Tourism Industry, providing listings of tours, attractions and businesses that are LGBTQI friendly.

For Seniors

A lot of the online travel writing out there can be written with a younger demographic in mind. Not so at Travel With a Challenge which specifically focuses its attention on seniors.

For the Mechanically Minded

If you're a mechanically minded individual who has caught the travel bug, MechTraveller is for you. Trips to see railway museums or go on factory tours are the kind of topics covered.

For Film Lovers

Toni of Enchanted Serendipity focusses on visiting film and TV locations around the world. Home Alone, Sleepless in Seattle, Dawson's Creek, Mrs Doubtfire, any Nicholas Sparks movies - Toni loves them all and documents her adventures tracking their locations down. She also has posted about how this obsession came to be.

In a similar vein, the two bloggers from Fan Girl Quest document their film inspired adventures around the world. A great blog for film lovers to follow and maybe get some ideas for future trips from.

For Divers

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Deeper Blue is a long running site dedicated to the diving community and naturally enough that includes a lot of travel as well.

For Black Travellers

Things can be different for black travellers. Travel Noire tells the stories from this perspective and presents them beautifully for the reader.

For Civil War Historians

For those with an interest in the US civil war, it can form the basis for some themed travels across the states.
Civil War Traveler highlights some of the interesting sites that you can see, from battlefields to museums.

For Frequent Flyers

If you are looking to make the most out of your frequent flyer points or even take specific trips just for the points, The Points Guy is a great website to follow along with. For serious travellers looking to maximise the amount of travelling they can do.

And that about wraps up my list of niche sites. As you can see, just about whatever your topic of interest, there is a website dedicated to help you travel the world exploring it.

I feel like I barely scratched the surface with this list though. The internet is a big place and no doubt there are a TON more niche sites dedicated to travel that I've totally overlooked. If you run such a site, feel free to drop me a private message here on Travellerspoint and I'll consider either adding it to this list or maybe making a follow up list!

No matter what your interest is, Happy Travelling everyone!

By Peter

Posted Fri, Feb 24, 2017