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In exactly one week we will be flying over the pacific and beginning our new adventure!!! Sounds pretty exciting and trust me it is the only thing I think about - ALL the time.

We'll that's not the whole truth…but for the past few days that is what I've been attempting to fool myself into believing. The actually truth is I have a hundred things circulating in, out, around and sideways in my head and this too is happening ALL the time. It has preoccupied my mind while out with friends, at the office and while I lay sleepless at night, which has become the norm since the beginning of this week.

Lately the consistent questions I hear from friends and family is "soooo, are you all ready?" And "when do you go?" Obviously if everyone has read my first blog posts of course the need to ask these questions would be irrelevant right? Well not quite, you see up until this morning around 230am, in a state of tossing, turning and insomnia I came to realize that I'm a bucket of nerves and my chest hurts with anxiety and that I have been lying to myself… because my realistic answers to those questions are - "no I'm not ready" and "holy shit, only 6 more (attempted) sleeps".

I'm fairly certain that this is a phenomenon that I experience prior to any of my previous trips. However, I am certain that this time I have even more things on my mind due to the length of our travels and the two very extreme type of traveling we are doing.

I have never been on an excursion longer then 6 weeks (other then the 6 months I wondered around Europe at 19 with nothing more then Nutella, a baguette and complete naïveté) so 3 1/2 months or 15 weeks or 115 days is a pretty big deal for me. And yes I have traveled when seasons have changed from hot summer beaches to cold snowy jaunts in the Alps but this time we are trekking to Everest Base Camp followed by backpacking through India. This is not a simple 3-4 day mountain hike into the backcountry of the Canadian Rockies like Amanda and I have done so many times this summer. This is 18 days of trekking in the biggest mountains on this planet. Did I mention EIGHTEEN straight days? And now let's not forget the acclimation required that I won't even know if my body will adjust too…Amanda has been to the summit of Kilimanjaro which at 5895m is technically higher then EBC 5364m so I'm not worried about her but what if my body is going to fail at these heights? Is there a chance that I will not be able to continue? Yes its a possibility and this would be extremely disappointing (so of course I think of this).

But these are only a couple of the thoughts that swim through my head to cause my new found anxiety…Our schedule is close to completely full until we leave, every lunch and every evening is booked. Christmas presents need to be purchased, wrapped & delivered to family. Our house needs to be cleaned and arranged to make room for the ones that are living here while we are gone. I still need to purchase a couple of pieces of gear that I have decided to buy when in Kathmandu but this doesn't rest with me very well. Of course packing & repacking for our time in Nepal but also for the 11 weeks after in India. Then there is the busy social calendar; Nine Inch Nails concert, theatre tickets for "The Christmas Carol", American thanksgiving with family, dinners with friends, Pearl Jam concert and the purchase of a new camera, so yes we are really squishing as much in as possible before we leave Canada and I know I've missed out a plethora of little things.

Normally a full schedule is how I like it but with the clock ticking it is creating an elevated strain on my nerves…

So am I creating my own pre Traveller's Anxiety? Perhaps. But that still doesn't make it any less prevalent...I am however, thankful that I became aware of my reality this morning and I'm not going to continue to avoid it and with luck I will sleep better with this confessional.

Does this mean I'm a mess and in need of therapy? Absolutely not, I'm in complete control, I'm acutely focused and I couldn't be more excited!
I know that all these things that are causing me stress will happen with ease, I will do it with a smile and the moment that we step onto that plane this post will be a distant memory.

Our most amazing adventure will have started & there won't be anything I can do but let it all just happen...


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By Evanda

Posted Thu, Nov 28, 2013 | Canada | Comments