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A large part of the fun in a trip like this has been planning what to pack and buying the gear. Joc in particular loved waiting for gear to arrive in the mail. Practicing how to fit it all in the backpack is slightly less entertaining. Fortunately for me, my sisters fiance is ex army and was happy to show us how to solve this dilemma.

I'd done a bit of research and it seemed that most people who'd been on the road for awhile strongly advocated the packing light approach. Basically it was suggested that if we could fit everything into a 40-45L backpack we'd find life easier on the road.
Weight was also a factor for us, given we'd like to do a bit of hiking and if we can possibly avoid parting with our luggage (especially on buses) we will. I'm not quite sure we will always be able to sneak our buldging packs in as carry on for flights, but we'll certainly try.

So here is the packing summary:

Jocelyn - 40L backpack
Brooke - 45L backpack

Ollie (the dog) will not be coming as much as he insists

Brooke's bag:
- Vango helium 200 tent (2pax)
- inflatable mattress
- sub zero sleeping bag with silk liner (compression sack)
- 2L camel back (empty)
- inflatable pillow
- travel towel
- steripen
- headlamp
- earphones
- pen and notepad
- phone
- kindle/ipad

- 4 short sleeved tshirts (all merino)
- 2 singlets
- 1 3/4 shirt (merino)
- 1 collared shirt
- thermal top and thermal bottoms (merino)
- 2 shorts (1 swimming, 1 casual)
- 1 pair travel pants
- 2 pairs harem pants
- 5 pairs underwear
- 2 bra
- bathers
- gortex shell jacket
- 2 fleece jacket/jumper
- Beanie, gloves, merino long socks, belt
- 4 short socks
- thongs (flip flops)
- ballet flats
- walking shoes

- basic first aid kit (betadine, couple of bandaids, antihestimine, earplugs)
- tweezers
- makeup
- 100ml bottles of conditioner, shampoo and body wash
- contacts and contact solution
- deoderant
- sunglasses
- misquito bands and roll on
- toothbrush (with cover)
- toothpaste
- medication

- passport
- international drivers licence & Australian licence
- frequent flyer card
- credit card/debit card
- cash (US & AUS)
- copy of all documents and medication scripts
Weighs in at 11kgs including everything (obviously when a set of clothes & shoes are on this weighs under 10kg)

Jocelyn's bag:
3 shirts
- 2 singlets
- 2 shorts
- pj shorts & top
- 1 pair travel pants
- 1 pair harem pants
- thongs (flip flops)
- casual shoes
- walking shoes
- goretex shell jacket
- fleece jacket
- 5 pairs underwear
- 2 bras
- bathers
- thermal top and bottoms
- long sleeved button up collared shirt

- lightweight stove and cooking pot - with plastic utensils
- samsung note 10.1
- chargers
- phone
- earphones
- usb
- headlamp
- audio splitter
- travel adapter
- sleeping bag and silk liner
- inflatable mattress and pillow
- 2L camel back
- portable day bag (sea to summit)
- travel towel
- misquito bands & insect spray
- toothbrush and cover

- passport
- travel card and debit card
- cash (US and AUS)
- international drivers licence and australian licence
- copy of all documents

(weighs in at 9kgs)

All clothes and gadgets etc are packed in packing cubes, dry bags or ziplock bags.

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By bcreemers

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