Community Highlights Road Trips CACHE CREEK to WHISTLER : 26th MAY 2019

We dined in style at a Gourmet International Greek Restaurant called Heartland in Cache Creek.
Décor was rustic, waitress made me feel very shabby in my travel clothes.
She was dressed in the latest Cache Creek look : Hot Pink skinny leg 7/8 jeans, matched with Logger Boots and a big cardigan !
In fact she was very nice and service was good.
The Chef - A One Hatted Chef I might add, was Multilingual delivering every dish to the server in the lingo appropriate to the dish, we got Greek, some others got French. Very talented man. Oh and I think the Hat was a Fedora...….


The meal was surprisingly good, unfortunately we had to go back to our Hotel (that is a whole story in itself but we managed to survive the experience!)
Cache Creek will be forever remembered as Sh...… Creek LOL

Desperate to get out of town we were on the road, without Breakfast I might add as I had no intention of eating at the stinky "Gourmet Road House" just up the road.

It was a beautiful morning :-

First stop was breakfast at Lilliooet where we mingled with the locals - switching from English and then Local Dialect when he wanted to talk about us to his mate.

Before leaving we went to visit the highlight of Lilliooet which is a Suspension Bridge, pretty amazing structure with an Osprey Nest on top, they have a camera permanently focused on the nest.


We could see tiny heads popping up out of the nest but of course unable to get a photo we checked the web cam and there is mother back in the nest.


Further on we were riding along beside the Fraser River - the Provinces longest river :-

Duffy Lake was looking gorgeous this morning with Cayoosh Mountain in the background :-


Arriving at Whistler by lunch time we had plenty of time to unpack and wander around this rather touristy and Sport Focused village, the lineup to go up the mountain is unbelievable, some are going skiing and some are taking their mountain bikes up to race back down the track and some are just going up the Gondola for the views :-


They start at a very early age :-

And the best discovery for the day - a genuine Flat White made by an Australian (one of many here in Whistler) and it was good.

Back at our Hotel Nougat has found a new friend - now he wants to take him home, what should I do ?

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By MKaye

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