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Checklist. Wife: check, Cameras: Check, Luggage: check

Community Highlights Road Trips Checklist. Wife: check, Cameras: Check, Luggage: check

I told Patti not to worry, if the Brady Bunch could (somewhat) successfully visit the Grand Canyon I could too. Do you see how convoluted my logic is? It's not that I think I'm smarter than Mike Brady, I'm not. It's not that I thought it would be easier without six kids, I didn't. It's not even that I don't drive an ugly station wagon, I won't. My thinking, or lack of thinking depending on who you ask was that I have technology on my side. BIG MISTAKE!

What makes a seventeen day, 6000 plus mile road trip possible? It's okay, you don't have to raise your hand, we're all adults here. Just say the answer quietly. Good, you have been paying attention (give yourself a gold star) it is technology (and a lot of money) that allows this sort of endeavor. No itinerary, no problem! So I'm a bit naive, I can except that. They say a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link, my chain is made of spaghetti. First laptop, not up to the task, had to buy a new one. Apps needed for a multitude of things, failed for a multitude of reasons. GPS, well that just needs an exorcism, it is possessed.

Oh boy, you knew it was coming, you know it has to start with something. So I'm only going to ask this once. If you're going to roll your eyes, please do it now and get it over with. Done? Feel better about belittling me with your facial expressions? So does my wife, you're in good company! Okay, back on subject. It all starts with (I'm hesitant to even mention "it", I think "it" may be more vengeful than I thought) my antagonistic GPS. Where should we go next? Plug the information into the GPS and off you go. That's how it should be. Put the information into my GPS and it chuckles as it conjures up the most indirect route it can come up with. I must have offended it when it was still new. Do you have a better explanation? Didn't think so. Do you have a solution? Really, you think therapy would work. Who's naive now? Still me, I know! We started out in Flagstaff this morning and the trip to the Grand Canyon should have been easy, and it was, I followed the road signs. The problem arose after we got there. Looking over the Canyon with 46 busloads of Japanese tourists gets old quickly. No problem jump in the car and follow the roads along the rim to other lookouts.

You don't just jump in the car and turn right or left to follow the rim. There is a small town at the main viewing area, I am directionally challenged
so I looked at the GPS. Nothing, it has no roads at all showing for this maze I need to navigate through. I told you it's vindictive! No problem, I have an app for this, an app that needs the internet, which doesn't yet exist outside of the hotels of the Grand Canyon. Plan B. I have another app I downloaded for just such an occasion. I forgot however to download the maps for Arizona and can't now because of no internet service. Plan C, drive in circles. Plan C finally worked, we found the road to the rim by sheer luck.

Learning from your mistakes is a concept I seem to have a problem with. Mistake one was, and still is not planning enough. Where are Patti and I sleeping tomorrow night? I have no clue yet. We will look around Sedona tomorrow and then start heading east towards home. After I finish this blog tonight I'll use the technology at my disposal and formulate a plan. Tomorrow I'll use the technology at my disposal to put that plan into action. That plan will end in failure. Why you ask? Technology! It is after all "my weakest link"

Take care everyone. Sedona tomorrow and then the long trip home begins. We plan on taking what's left of route 66 for a good portion of the trip through to Missouri. Thanks to everyone for reading, the amount of views our blog is getting is hard to believe. We are now also up to date with uploading the pictures Patti wants up.


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By jbreen

Posted Tue, Sep 24, 2013 | USA | Comments