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We arrived in Red Wing Monday, July 8th. We passed through all farm country and they all seem to be so well kept.
The CG has a horse camp section so we walked through there to meet some horsemen and their horses.

The campground backs up against the State Forest areas so great riding trails. When the horses are out they are tied to a post, the trailer or confined with an electronic fence.
This is a horse trailer with people living in the front of the camper and horses in back.
There are also 5 chickens running around the CG. They keep the bugs low. The rooster loves to crow and show off. We think it’s the white one.

There are no mosquitos here. We have a back in site and it took two tries to get in.

There is a trout stream running along the CG boundary...I knew there was a reason for choosing this place to camp. Perfect for Rob.
This is Rob preparing to go fishing for the first time on the trip (he caught ten trout in an hour.). For those of you following Basil in his gin bottle on this trip he loves it and is thriving so I have included this picture.
There is a saloon here, perfect for Judy.
When we hooked up to the power pole, our power monitor indicated a reversed polarity and would not permit us to connect. I went back to the check-in desk and asked to have the power fixed. The gal called the CG owner and he came to the site in about 2 hours and switched the leads to the correct configuration.
Tuesday we drove to downtown Red Wing. Right on Main Street is a big grain storage facility next to the RR tracks. This is pretty common in this part of the country as so much revolves around the farming.
There are some fun murals along the street. A Mississippi river boat cruise stops in Red Wing.
The big downtown hotel on Main St.
The Red Wing shoe company was our first stop. They started out making mostly heavy duty work/outdoors boots but now produce a full line of shoes. The first thing you see in the store is a giant boot. It is their signature boot and is made just like all the regular boots they sell.
Here is a size perspective.
There is a museum on the second floor which is also sort of a factory tour showing how the boots are made. They have a wall of honor which has boots from all over the world from different types of work/hunting/hiking.
This style from the 1920's has a handy place for a pocket knife.
Red Wing made paratrooper jump boots during WWII and apparently still do.
The basement floor is a discount sales floor. Getting there in the elevator requires an understanding of algebra. Notice the -1 button for the basement. This is not an Otis elevator. It is made by Minnesota Elevator Co.
They have nice bathrooms with a rugged style fixtures. The pipe spokes turn on the water in the sink.
Red Wing takes up the entire block of bldgs.
Next door to the Red Wing shoe company is the Duluth Trading Company Store. They make mostly outdoor clothing. They make a line of clothes for some of the more rugged outdoor jobs...linemen, construction, firemen, arctic work, etc. The every day clothing would last a lifetime and is fashionable too.
Their mascot is the beaver.
Not to be outdone, they have a giant pair of trousers at the store entrance.

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