Tue July 30 to Mon Aug 5 – Sydney and on to Newfoundland

Community Highlights Road Trips Tue July 30 to Mon Aug 5 – Sydney and on to Newfoundland

Had a final quiet couple of days in N. Sydney NS at the Arm of Gold campground awaiting the ferry to Port aux Basque Newfoundland. Chummed a little with a couple (Steve and Sherry) camped beside us from Upstate New York who sold their house and business, bought a motorhome, doing a 6-month tour and finishing up at their new home in St. Petersburg Florida. We will visit if we make it there.

The ferry was a 7-hour crossing; calm and sunny until arrival about 6:30 PM when the fog rolled in. Docking was extremely tight and the captain spun the ship and backed in; clearly a master of his craft. A local onboard said 300 sailings were cancelled or delayed last year because of high winds.

We were off to the Grand Codroy campground for our 1st night. We awoke to sunny skies and 25C that day. We started our trek north on the west coast, but didn’t make it far as we found a beautiful spot in Stephenville to dry camp on the water by the airport. We parked for 2 days and toured on the scooter. Went west out of Stephenville to Cape St. George around to Lourdes and back. Great ride and some great views, especially from Boutte du Cap park on the point. Incredible. There was a fellow making fresh buns in an outdoor fired oven. Mmm they were good. Woke up day 2 to another motorhome pulling in beside us. Dave and Michelle were from Victoria and are interested in hooking up for Alaska. Funny, this was after chatting for 20 minutes. We will visit them in October when we are in Victoria.

Next it was on to Corner Brook, a lovely little town, minus the pulp mill. We upgraded from Walmart and stayed for 2 nights in the Sun Life Financial lot beside Staples for Wi-Fi ????. We sat out a storm for several hours and once passed we headed for Lark Harbour and Bottle Cove west on the inlet. Again, stunning views – such a beautiful location. Some of the road was not great and one construction area was full of water and mud. I could feel us slipping through it, but we made it. The weather was too dicey to take the bike, but it cleared nicely later. We met a couple in the Winners parking lot this morning (Frank and Diane from Pasadena). They pulled up to talk to us about our motorhome as they have the same one. Seriously after a 15-minute chat they invited us to their place in Pasadena we are headed through tomorrow. They too are interested in hooking up for Alaska. Gotta say, this is all a bit weird. But both couples seem really nice. The more the merrier, I guess.

It was on to Gros Morne National Park where we stayed at a KOA for the 1st time; could be the last too as it was very tight camping and our dump hose doesn’t reach the outlet as it is at the very back of the site. Maybe an extension is in order - oh the hardships we endure. We were able to fit in a guided hike in the Tablelands before settling in. The rain held off for most of it, but then it was a downpour and soaked us. It was a bizarre yet beautiful landscape. One side of the highway was treed and the other side we walked through was the Earth’s mantle - normally found far below the earth's crust. They can get as much as 60 feet of snow in this area. The 2 tree cuttings Bev is holding; 1 is 6 years old and the other is 200! We are looking forward to a few hikes here and some touring on the scooter.

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