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westbound. an american roadtrip.

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One year ago I started my journey across USA. The one that motivated this blog and so many other things that happened in my life. If you followed my blog over the past 2 years, you could witness how important this trip and all around it was to me. I won't go through all that again.

During the trip, I recorded footage of many different things, without any special motivation behind it besides wanting to record a special moment or a special landscape. I also tried to have in film some kind of travel journal, where I was explaining what I was doing and where I was heading. Little did I know that some months later I would decide to depict my journey through edited clips of all that footage. Nothing of that was made/created or even staged with that purpose. It's all simple, original and real (like me, maybe? :) ).

Although I'm sharing this so called documentary, I made it for myself. I didn't have any special concerns in trying to make it really artistic, visually appealing or interesting to others. When I watch it and see the images, I remember the moments and I can establish a link between all of them. But of course, by sharing it, I hope to create some emotions on whoever watches it. Whether is the desire to travel, the feeling of pure freedom or how amazing life can be, I hope I can touch each and every person that will take 11 minutes of his/her life to watch my "westbound. an american roadtrip."

One year later, I can say that this trip really changed my life. I won't lie, the days before departing to Boston were filled with anxiety and fear. Not only I was going there alone, but I was also leaving my flat in my hometown with the hope to move to Porto after my return from the trip. Together with that, I was leaving my job for almost 2 months. The days before leaving, I kept thinking how stupid I was for always making my life harder, always searching for something to shake the comfort and stability of my life. "What if I go and don't like? What if something happens?" were recurrent thoughts in my head. "What if I run out of money or get really sick? were also present in my daily thoughts.

I guess that's one of the ironies of life. We keep fearing to leave the comfort zone, only to realize how amazing is the world outside of that "known area". I remember perfectly the moment I arrived to Logan Airport, caught a bus to the center and started seeing Boston skyline far away. I was alone, but I didn't feel fear or anything bad. I felt alive, filled with adrenaline and excitment. I was on my own. Every step was a step towards the unknown. And that feeling is mindblowing. It took probably a little bit more than one hour in a foreign continent to be welcomed by the sparkling eyes and an open smile of Joe, husband of Eliza, the person I had contacted via CouchSurfing and that accepted to host me for 3 nights in Cambridge, Boston. As soon as I entered their home and sat on the porch talking with him, I felt ready for everything ahead of me and felt larger than life.

That was the first of tousands of defining moments in this trip that I will keep for the rest of my life. Some people asked me over the past year if I was sad that it was over. Honestly, I could never feel sad about the fact the trip is over. Everytime I would remember my journey, I kept feeling lucky, knowing that I've done something extraordinary. No one can take that from me. And even if I won't have the chance to have another trip like this or meet again most of the amazing people I've met over there, I will always have the memories of this one. That alone is, in my humble opinion, a huge reason to feel happy even when life feels dull, not incredible and totally ordinary.

Back to the video, I'm happy I could commit to making it and finishing it. I wonder what I will feel while watching it, 10 years from now. After many doubts about which song to choose, I chose one from Explosions in the Sky, called "The Only Moment We Were Alone", because it was the song they played live in Primavera Sound here in Porto and made me jump, jump and jump in complete ecstasy. It was also part of my soundtrack during the trip. And I like its name. Although I was often surrounded by people, the fact is that I was all alone in my thoughts. But the good kind of loneliness! That loneliness that makes us feel unstoppable and unbeatable while driving through Monument Valley for example.

Hope you like it. Feel free to leave your impressions about it.

This featured blog entry was written by ZackMeursault from the blog Translucent.
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By ZackMeursault

Posted Thu, Jul 11, 2013 | USA | Comments