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Day 2 on the ship was a beach day. Our ship arrived at Norwegian's private island, Great Stirrup Cay. We had from 8am to 5pm to go out on the island. We decided not to rush and to just enjoy our breakfast and then head out. We had no problems getting on a tender (they don't actually dock at a pier, they just put you on a smaller boat and send you to the island).
Waiting for our tender to leave!

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Views of our giant ship. It's a floating city.

On our way to the island. It's got a few bars (drinks are included as it is still like being on the ship) and there's a couple places to eat lunch as well.

We are here! Bahamas beach time!

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As you can see, the beach is just rows and rows of chairs in front of the water. We decided to sit right in front of the bar, under a palm tree so we had some shade. The water was so cold at first, but you got used to it really quickly. We both took some time to go lay on a chair in the sun and read. The sand was soft and white and the water was a beautiful color, and very clean.

Our palm tree chairs. Of course, near the end of our time there, the sun had moved and we were in the direct sun.

We enjoyed ourselves relaxing on the beach, swimming and reading. And of course, drinking beachy drinks! When it was time for lunch, we decided to walk over to the taco place. There they had a taco buffet... fish, chicken or beef tacos with an assortment of toppings. They were quite good, and of course, we chased them down with a couple Coronas. I had thought about playing volleyball on the beach, and we happened to have a table right in view of the net. However, it looked like quite the jungle-ball game, so I wasn't interested in participating. Lots of people (7 or so a side), plus it looked like not a lot of skill, so I decided to just watch for a bit and keep on relaxing. We decided to head back to the boat much before the last tender time of 430pm. It was about 3pm or so when we got back.

Time to leave Great Stirrup Cay!

On our way back to the boat.

After arriving back on the boat, we cleaned up and enjoyed the ship activities. There's always something to do!
Sunset day 2. I love sunsets!
This was my favorite photo of sunset on our way to Nassau.

The next day, Sunday, was our port stop in Nassau. We arrived about 8am but only had until 130 to board the boat as we departed at 2pm for Havana. Not a lot of time! Turns out, not much is open before about 10am in Nassau on Sunday so there wasn't too much for us to do. There's a lot of shopping right off the boat, but everything else is a fairly long walk, so we just decided to see what there was to see nearby.
The square in Nassau

We then went for a little walk around. There were a couple museums we were interested in finding, but of course one of them was closed because it was Sunday. We found the pirate museum but decided it didn't sound worth $14 to go in, so instead just went to the coffee shop down the street, had a coffee and people watched for a bit. After that we decided to walk back and saw a church, so explored that a little bit.
A grave from 1802 on the side of the church

We continued walking around and found a local market where we bartered a little bit for a few knickknacks. We also went in most of the shops and got a few free trinkets as the ship had coupons for free things in a lot of the stores. Definitely not anything expensive, but may as well get them!

As we got off the ship, I noticed a brewery (of course, not open) and was interested in checking it out. On our way back we stopped in for a beer. We ended up meeting a couple that were a lot of fun to talk to. My mom was talking to his wife (about what, I have no idea) but I was at the bar getting us some drinks and he was doing the same. Turns out he is also a cyclist so we were talking about bike rides around the US that we have done and were giving each other ideas of other ones to do. Nick and I are always looking for fun rides to try, so it was a great conversation! We ended up staying at the brewery until the very last minute we could before boarding the ship to continue on our journey.
My first beer was the "Take No Quarter" beer... super tasty! Definitely my favorite of the 3 I tried (all of the IPAs of course!)

This is the second time I've gone to the only craft brewery in a country. Woot! I had to take one home too...

Back to the ship and all the ship activities. It's hard to even remember what we did cause all of the days on the ship just kind of blend together. Lots of pool time, mojitos, listening to bands, a couple art auctions...

And of course... the sunset!
I was experimenting with different settings on my camera. You can tell when I used the sunset setting as the colors are much more vivid.

After sunset, we had a chance to go dine with the officers. At the start of the cruise, they announced that if you were interested in dining with an officer, you could sign up at the desk and if you were chosen, you would be told when and where your reservation for dinner was. Well, turns out we were chosen! We had dinner in the main dining room with Emily, who was the shore sales person, and Marco, the excursions director. We also had a few other cruise guests joining us and it was fun to sit and share stories with all of them!

They came and took our photo... and actually gave it to us for free. Amazing!

On to HAVANA!!!

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