St john 2019 part 2

Community Highlights Seafaring St john 2019 part 2

Wed the winds were down so great snorkel at Haulover North.


We went to Kiddle for the first time in a few years. The rope was down and we were able to park in there. Stayed here from 1130-4pm. Snorkeled both sides.


Thursday Jan 17

Arrived at Francis at 0915 Got a great shady place made out of sticks to set up shade. At 1100 a large family moved in with 4 small children under the age of 3. I must admit there were very quiet and did not bother us. In fact, enjoyed watching them in the waves.

We snorkeled to left clear to Maho. Water was not to clear today. Saw lots of fish but nothing remarkable.


We tried the Wok on the beach for the first time in Coral Bay. We got there early and most seats were open. before we left it was completely full. I did not get the waitress name but she did a fabulous job and did not get riled when they got so busy. It is actually one of the few restaurants that have an ocean view.


Friday Jan 18

Went to Grootpan at 0900. Had beach to ourselves for a few hours. had to put parasheet up for shade.


Snorkeled to right and pretty clear today. Saw some reef far out had not seen before.


We made our weekly stop at Miss Lucy for Grouper Rueben fix.


We then drove over to East end.


Saturday Jan 19th.

We found that Saturdays are a turn around day for some so fewer people at Salt Pond. I love coming here. Always see turtles, stingrays and usually and squid. The rocks in the middle are great snorkel if it is not to choppy. Today did not disappoint.




Tomorrow is my 62 birthday Hello Social Security! The restaurants I want to go to were both closed on Sunday so I decided to go tonight. We were early enough to see the sunset


then went to Virgin Fire Bistro.44885060-24dc-11e9-a8c3-bb79f9d1d1db.JPG

We had reservations for 6 pm. the place was almost 1/2 full already. Service was remarkable as always and Abby our waitress was special. Not only beautiful but charming and efficient.

I had a grapefruit margarita that was so good would need two.c0bfc800-2556-11e9-b65b-bd7e9ff2c9f3.JPG

We had crunchy calamari

I had the shrimp and Jumbo Lump crab and homemade pappardelle.

My husband had Cioppino seafood stew.

Loved the meal and service

Sunday, Jan 20th

treated to a colorful sunrise

and lovely breakfast53fc2da0-255e-11e9-b77f-a14fd2084fc3.JPG

I picked to go to waterlemon for my birthday. the walk in is all along shore and easy.


When we got in the water my husband gave me the look! He said he forgot the camera battery. I said no problem after 39 years of marriage he does not forget things often It is usually me. Usually though if the battery goes dead that is when you see so many unusual things. Not today nothing was missed. When we got out of the water we were talking to a lady who is traveling on her own. She is a scientist and found out they just cleared a trail to so ruins we had not seen in the gut of Leinster Bay. So glad she told us or we would have missed it.


We sat on the little beach across from parking lot and read and enjoyed the ripple of the water


Some pictures of full moon and eclipse FULL DISCLOSURE Someone else posted

Monday 21

We went to Oppenmyer and Gibney beach it looks different now. We still enjoyed and just spent the whole day here with a rain shower lasting about 20 min.


Tuesday Jan 22

We hiked to Brown Bay. It was disappointing snorkel the water was all churned up. We did see thousands of little fish unsure what they were but seemed bigger than fry fish, Also some interesting tube fish in sand coming out of holes as we were coming in. A barracuda just kept circling us. Usually, they don't bother me but this one got on my nerves.


Went to the east end and snorkeled the shelve past pelican rock



Went to Francis and set up neso for shade spent the whole day there. Larry and Jane the owners of Angelroost
took us out to eat at Rhumblines. It was not as busy as the last time we were there but they still have some service issues. The food was ok

Thursday 0e770230-25a6-11e9-977b-41fdcc9f663f.JPG

We went to Lamshur and set up chairs in the shade Then we hiked teck tite trail


Friday rainy and misty did not go to the beach until 1030 and we chose Gibney with all its imperfections it is still one of our favorites. We had the beach to ourselves until the afternoon.IMG_2179.JPGIMG_2176.JPGIMG_2183.JPGIMG_2180.JPGIMG_2191.JPG

Saturday the day of doom

VVWY6337.JPGAUPM6485.JPGIMG_2211.JPGIMG_2218.JPGIMG_2217.JPG6909drive home.JPG

When we landed in Chicago we had quite the drive home roads very slick and snow covered had to go 40 miles and hour all the way home.
What a drastic change in weather.

Until next year


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