Voyage to the Bellingshausen Sea

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Some people dream of sandy beaches.

Some people dream of cultured holidays in cultured European cities.

And then there's some people, who dream of places like this:

(Photo courtesy of NASA)

That's the Bellingshausen Sea and it's the destination of DrPaul's 2 month voyage to the Antarctic aboard the RRS James Clark Ross. Paul writes:

We will be spending two months away, during which time we hope to collect oceanographic and sea-ice data in the Bellingshausen Sea for the benefit of civilisation (whether they like it or not).

Less than a week into his journey and only two blog entries in, Paul's trip is already affording the adventures it promised. After flying from Cambridge on the 22nd of February, a planned 2-hour stopover turned into a 30-hour stopover on tropical Ascension Island. Hardly the place for a man dressed for Antarctic weather conditions. The island itself earned this glowing description:

Generally the scenery was military hardware and communications technology superimposed on a beautiful Martian volcanic rock landscape adorned with cacti and other succulent plants. An amazing place.

After a night in the Falkland Islands, Paul is finally aboard the James Clark Ross, pushing on towards the Antarctic. You can read about all his adventures at his blog, which appears to be regularly updated with photos, maps and plenty of stories.

Can't get enough of Antarctic adventures? Check out Lindsey's blog, about her cruise through the South Pacific and Antarctica in January and early February.

By dr.pepper

Posted Tue, Feb 27, 2007 | Antarctica