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Early this morning (well, on Tuesday) Lacey and I headed out to the Argentine Pass Trailhead to take another stab at summiting the two peaks that I have stared at across Lake Dillon for the past year: Grey's and Torrey's. The day couldn't have been more opposite from when Ryan and I attempted the climb a few weeks ago. While the temperatures hovered around freezing, the skies were clear with the promise of a roasting sun. We started up through the valley, chasing the warmth of the descending sun's rays. It was beautiful being able to see the surrounding ridge line, yet I was eager to reach the last pitch that I had had to turn around at the last time.
Lacey hiking up out of the valley.
Incredible views appeared right away.
This route is not the standard one advertised in guide books for the average hiker and general population. Therefore, we had the mountains to ourselves without another soul in sight! After a little time spent blazing our own path through some boulders, the summit of Torrey's was in sight! And surprise, surprise, we ran into some other hikers at the summit who kindly took our picture. Elevation: 14,267ft
Grey's rising in the background to the right
If you look reallllllly closely you can see Lake Dillon off to the right, the entire 10 Mile Traverse starting with Mt. Royal, and the Breckenridge ski slopes further left.
We proceeded to descend 600 ft. into and across the saddle before climbing back up to the summit of Grey's. Elevation: 14, 270ft
Summit shots:
It was such an incredible autumn day that we hung around the summit for some time and took tons of pictures.
Looking into the valley of the standard route:
Pretty aspen trees far below:
Running back up Grey's:
The day was getting late so we headed back across the saddle, up and over Torrey's again, and started making our descent. However, the ribbons of snow on the edges of the mountain were too inviting. Enjoy the shenanigans to follow....!

First snow angels of the season:
Somersaulting UP the mountain:
Finally, we entertained ourselves with seeing how high we could jump. Lacey looks like she is hovering in the air!
Insert pom-poms and I'd have the cheerleader look going. We decided this might have to be a new tradition at the top of each summit.

It seemed like every time we got even a few feet lower there was some stunning view that made us just stop and stare.
Looking for mountain goats, contemplating climbing, or just reflecting on where we had just been?
The rivers that flowed throughout the valley were a gorgeous pearl color. However, the water and riverside rocks get that color from being contaminated with minerals from all the mines.
Even the final curve in the road back to the car brought stunning scenery!
After the weeks of rainy weather and snow, it was refreshing to know that autumn hadn't passed us by entirely!

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By stlefferts

Posted Fri, Oct 04, 2013 | USA | Comments