Unfortunately today Rachel and Sam both had to work. So, I decided to head to downtown Seattle by myself. Although I would have preferred if Rachel didn't have to go to work, I do enjoy adventuring around by myself. A city is also a great place to go exploring because there are usually many free wifi options, so I could always find somewhere to get free internet and message people if needed.

I woke up after Sam and Rachel had left, leisurely made breakfast, downloaded a map of Seattle and then made my way to the bus stop. I loved catching the bus. It was a double decker bus (do American's use the term double decker? I mean a two story bus).
I managed to score a seat at the very front of the second story, which meant I had an excellent view of the upcoming city.
Seattle is super cool. The highways fly right past and underneath parts of the city. I remember coming home from the airport we drove right past the city. It was very exciting. I was not disappointed with my view headed into the city today. In fact, because there was a huge window in front of me and I was up high I had a better view than the first time I came down town with Rachel and Sam just a few days earlier.

After I excited the bus and said goodbye to a very friendly bus driver I took in the atmosphere of the city. The pace of the city wasn't to hectic. It was also a nice day and people seemed to be happy walking around, even those walking quickly.
I made my way back down to the wharf, where I was the other day, planning to visit the Aquarium.

I'm a big fan of aquariums. I've never been disappointed visiting an aquarium ever! The Seattle aquarium was much smaller than some of the aquariums I've visited, but it has not ruined my statement of never being disappointed by an aquarium. I LOVED it! It also wasn't that small as a lot of the sites were under ground and under the water. So it was bigger than it appeared.
I saw lots of fish, seals, otters, sharks and more.
I even went to the touching area where i got to touch lots of squishy, sticky sea critters.

My ultimate favourite though was something very cool and something I had never seen up until this point. If you've spoken to me recently you know what I'm talking about. I've told almost everyone I've spoken to that I got to see up close a Giant Pacific Octopus! It was GIANT. I watched its suckers suck all over its glass cage. I watched it steal the feeding stick as it got fed. I watched its tentacles smoothly creep around the tank. This octopus, called CJ, was almost eight feet long tentacle to tentacle, weight approximately 80 pounds and was ready to be released into the wild to procreate.

Feeling pleased with meeting CJ, I ,made my way back up to the city centre for a little bit of shopping before grabbing a crepe and heading home.

My day did not end here! When Rachel and Sam arrived home we debriefed about our days and then headed to Gas Works Park. This park was super quirky! As we entered a rather interesting band played interesting music, reflecting Seattles Liberal vibes.
We then moved towards the hill, many people were sitting on gazing out over the beautiful city skyline. Except we were surrounded by MASSIVE, old gas works pipes! It was so interesting but so odd and quirky! It definitely seemed like a fun hangout spot.
As the day started to become late we left the park and made one last stop to a fabulous ice-cream shop with delicious flavours and homemade waffle cones!

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By Annara Oxenham

Posted Tue, Jul 09, 2019 | USA | Comments