Peru, Day 5: Arequipa to Cusco

Community Highlights Central / South America & The Caribbean Peru, Day 5: Arequipa to Cusco

Buenas Tardes, Amigos,
It was a very, very early day for us, with a 5:00am pick up at the hotel. We all managed, but we were all groggy. We arrived early for our flight. Our guess for the extra earliness is connected to the security area, which is ridiculously tiny.

We arrived in Cusco around 9:00, found our driver and were delivered to our hotel. At such an early hour, our rooms were not ready, but we were seated in a little living room area to sip some coca tea and fill out the necessary paperwork. We were given a map and encouraged to check out the area. We were told that today is some kind of holiday, so we would see lots of people, especially congregating in the couple of squares near the hotel.

Our first goal was to find something to eat. Just down the road from the hotel, we found a very nice cafe that serves breakfast all day.

Then we made the long-ish walk to the artisans market. Unfortunately, a lot of the stalls were closed and many others seemed to have a lot of the same things that gave off the "made in China" look. Plus, we were all getting tired:

So we made the slow walk back up the hill toward the hotel, to see if our rooms were ready.

Going to the artisans market and then walking back to the hotel involved a lot of street crossing. We have learned that street crossing is a very dangerous business all over Peru. In one instance this afternoon, Deedie had the right of way and was in the crosswalk, but drivers trying to get down that street were undaunted by her presence. She had to step back. There have been plenty of other similar instances.

Now we are resting. We not only need some rest after the early start, but we also need to allow our bodies get used to being at such a high altitude. We are trying to get the planetarium for their evening show.


After a nice time of rest this afternoon, we met a group that would take us up to the local planetarium. While we were waiting, we met a few other people who were planning to go to the planetarium. We met one guy, named Mike, who grew up in Madison, Maine! He's lived mostly in Florida for years, but after his father died, he's been spending more time back at the old family home in Madison.

Once we got to the planetarium, we enjoyed an animated presentation to start and then headed outside, blankets in tow(not to sit, but to wrap around us, since the temperature had dropped a bit), to stargaze. We saw the moon a couple of different ways. We also saw the Jewel Box Cluster, the Wishing Well Cluster, and Omega Centauri. We learned how to identify the Southern Cross and through one of the telescopes, we saw a star that was actually a double star. Very exciting.

Then, it was time to load up the vans once again and be delivered back to Cusco. We went back to the hotel for pisco sours and for dinner. Unfortunately, we did not do a good job in judging our appetites, the time of evening, etc. Plus, the altitude and the different foods are taking their toll, a bit, on each of us. It didn't help that the restaurant was playing as background music the worst light jazz versions of popular music songs, like Bad Romance, Thriller and Disturbia. It was indeed disturbed.

Tomorrow, we are off to local sightseeing and changing hotels once again. Yay? Not so much.

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