Trading mountains for Mendoza & wine!

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After so many weeks down south in mountains and cool weather.. It was a big change to spend some time in Mendoza! The weather was... A lot warmer. And the wine was plentiful!
I arrived to the city after a night bus so the first day was a quiet one, walking around the city and spending some time in the big beautiful park, Parque General San Martin...


So many nice places to sit and enjoy the sun!


After this I had an unfortunate encounter on my walk to get a haircut. Another crazy trip adventure but this one isn't quite as fun to tell so I'm just going to skip over to my spontaneous decision to get a new hairdo instead of just a cut!...


The second day in Mendoza was a more successful opportunity to soak up the sun. I joined a group of people headed to the hot springs, Sabrina from Italy, Niek from Holland and Yannick and Hendrick from Germany. We enjoyed a full day together in the huge, beautiful pools, staying outside in the cooler locations!


The views of the hot springs nestled in the valley were pretty awesome..


Lots of school kids were on a field trip that day and there was a few hilarious and overwhelming minutes where a group of 12-13 year old boys swarmed around Sabrina and I, goofing around and asking us so many questions in Spanish. I'm ashamed to say my Spanish is still quite atrocious so I was no help, but with her Italian, Sabrina was able to appropriately fill them in on our names, countries, ages, etc. And affirm that we do indeed love Lionel Messi.. Just maybe not quite as much as they do. It was quite the experience.

After getting back for a steak dinner close to the hostel (getting in some of the famous Argentinian beef.. Good but it's no Alberta beef), we drank wine on the hostel's rooftop patio. A very Argentinian evening!!

Day 3 was probably my favourite in Mendoza.. Time for bike and wine! This day was a different group from the hostel, Hein from Holland, Marko from Croatia, and Steph and Allan from Scotland. We set off in the late morning for the bike shop to rent the bikes that would carry us between wineries for the day. Our first stop was Domiciano winery. We started out with the cellar tour and wine tasting...


Before heading out to the vineyard and hearing about this unique winery that harvests at night. Done in the cool of the night to prevent the fermentation process from starting in the hot climate. While this was very unique I was a little more preoccupied by the beautiful vineyard views with a mountain backdrop..


Our second stop was a long ride down to Familia di Tommaso. Another beautiful vineyard..


And tour, tasting and lunch before the group was on our way again..


The biking views were really great!


We were joined on our last jaunt by a four legged friend..


And arrived at Mevi winery, my favourite of the day. With.. You guessed it. Another great view.


And three delicious wines in front of me. What more does a girl need!?


Unfortunately after this I had to bike back for another good old night bus. It felt like the time in Mendoza flew by but it was a wonderful visit!! Cheers!


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By elliehirch

Posted Mon, Nov 21, 2016 | Argentina | Comments