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Community Highlights Travellerspoint Announcing Travel Stats

A few weeks ago Peter put together a cool new feature and we're excited to formally introduced it now...

Travel Stats is a neat way to visualise all your mapped trips on Travellerspoint. The tool extracts your trip data and presents it in a one-page infographic.

For example, here are Peter's stats:


If you enter the mode of transport and date while mapping a trip, more detail will be shown:


To insert the stats on your Travellerspoint blog or externally-hosted site, simply click the 'Embed this!' link in the top right-hand corner:


And now for the fun part - collective stats from the TP community!

  • 70,949 users have created trips with a total of 234,892 trips mapped so far
  • The total kilometers to date is: 1,594,754,638 (over a billion) - this incidentally is 4,392 one-way trips to the moon
  • The average stops per trip is 6.07
  • The most popular modes of transport in order are (numbers are total number of stops):

- 108976 Airplane
- 57515 Car
- 54802 Bus
- 39124 Train
- 16884 Boat
- 2299 Foot
- 1698 Bicycle
- 1737 Motorbike
- 229 Animal

To get started, simply make sure you've mapped a trip on Travellerspoint before and head to your custom stats link. E.g.

You can then choose to share them with your friends and family via the social buttons.

Happy travels!

By katekendall

Posted Mon, Aug 22, 2011