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A recent question in the forums has raised the hot topic of travel map size.

Not usually ones for a travel brag, we thought we would take a quick peek inside the collective Travel Stats of the twenty most travelled members (by distance) and came up with some interesting statistics. Here are the ones we thought you'd like:

  • The average number of trips taken was 125.3. That's a lot of airport check-ins!

Photo: jackcheng

  • Together they have mapped trips to 206 countries and states.
  • Our most travelled member by distance covered is ThoiryK with a whopping 3,504,676 km!! Phew!

ThoiryK's travel map

ThoiryK's travel map

  • The most popular countries were the United Kingdom and United States of America. Followed closely by China, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.
  • marcwiz is the only one to map trips to both Antarctica and Greenland.

The total distance travelled by all twenty members is roughly equivalent to 97.6 trips to the moon!


Want to see your own travel stats?

Simply make sure you've mapped a trip on Travellerspoint and head to your custom stats link.
Eg. View your statistics for all travel or filter results by individual year or trip. You can then show off your trips to your friends and family via the social buttons.

Happy mapping!

By KellieBarnes

Posted Wed, Feb 06, 2013