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21. Posted by ChIqUiTtA (Respected Member 278 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

i wish we could all live in peace with no guns...
...but wouldn't that just be all too perfect for our world?;)

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Quoting james

They are designed for killing

in the UK there is a strict gun law - which doesn't prevent government from using arms against the population (Bloody Sunday massacre not so long ago) or the UK being the second biggest arm manufacturer.

This law doesn't prevent arm dealers from exporting guns to the areas of a political conflict and to the countries which abuse human rights.

Mark Thatcher (the son of a former british prime minister) was sentenced for actively organising a military plot in Congo - with arms made in the UK.

There is one law for us - and no law for those who are at power.

You give the impression there is regular massacres ordered by the government here!! We're not quite at the level of the Thai police.

However, between the Americans, Brits and French we have armed just about every terrorist group that is currently active around the planet (the Americans even armed the Taliban).

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Quoting isadora

"Mr Isa here... It would seem that humans will always hold animosity toward each other. And, they will continue to find bigger and more violent ways to eliminate each other. Until we, as a race, can find compassion and understanding in ourselves, the killing will continue....

Fair comment !