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As you could already read in the "General" subforum, I'm a gothic adept and also in for some decent metal now and then.

This summer Black Sabbath are touring Europe again finally in the original line-up, and I don't wanna miss this. Now I will have to travel abroad for the gig as they don't come to Ireland...

I have the choice between:

- Prague
- Athens
- Dortmund
- Leipzig
- Nijmegen (NL)
- Sofia
- Vienna

While going there for the concert I wanna make the most of it as a tourist as well, as I haven't visited any of these cities yet.
Which one would you recommend ? Remember that I am mainly interested in architecture and nature, not so much in nightlife etc. If I'd go out it'd be to a rock pub where other Black Sabbath fans may be, disco's are of no interest to me.
Given the goal of the travel (the gig) it would be nice if the city of destination'd have a decent rock scene, as I hope to meet some fellow Sabbath fans while there.

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try Prague and Vienna - they are close by and (the most probably) Sabbath will move from one place to another. Both town are of outstanding architecture

3. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

- Prague
- Athens
- Dortmund
- Leipzig
- Nijmegen (NL)
- Sofia
- Vienna

I've been to all of the above, and as a tourist if you haven't been to any of them, and in summer have to agree that Vienna or Prague definitely. Both are great places, although quite heavily touristed. Prague is cheaper, both are great.

  • Sofia if you want a more, erm, genuine experience in a much less touristy place.
  • Athens whilst intoxicating, is nearly unbearable in summer due to the heat and smog, and not really a nature place
  • Dortmund is a large industrial city, in a huge metrpolitan/industrial area. The biggest brewing city in Europe and whilst it's not bad and there's places like Cologne nearby, it's not really a particularly special or touristy place.
  • Leipzig is an interesting little place, often ignored and out of the way, and can be good fun, but if you've not been to some of the otehr s on the list i'd pick them first. You could use it to just see the concert and then go to Berlin instead, and that really is an amazing city.
  • Nijmegen - smallest place listed by a fair way, and not touristy at all. Quite nice, pleasant, near to Arnhem if your interested in War memorials/history. Worth a visit, but again probably not in comparison to Vienna or Prague
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I've been to a concert in Nijmegen (and worked there for half a year). It's a nice park for a concert, but the city is nothing special. I'd go for Vienna or Prague like the others suggest...

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The tour agenda is on www.black-sabbath.com , chose the "tour dates" section (obviously ;) )

I missed one: they also play in Munich. Maybe that could be interesting as well, going to Munich and then catch the train to Leipzig (where they're performing two days later)

Is Munchen worth a visit ?

When it comes to festivals the one in Nijmegen is by far the most interesting, with Sabbath as top of the bill but also Motorhead, Rammstein and Lacuna Coil.
But I'm not sure if Nijmegen is worth a visit itself (could go to Rotterdam or Amsterdam though) and also I'm not sure if it's wise to go to a festival, as Sabbath may play a shorter gig than on a Sabbath-only concert. (Prague, Vienna and the German locations are all Sabbath-only gigs ; Nijmegen, Athens and Sofia are festivals headlined by Sabbath)

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Munich would be an excellent choice, yes, and certainluy up alongside Vienna and Prague. Which you pick is up to you.

As to your festival/BS only thought, i don't know. Festivals are great, but your likely to get at least a slightly longer BS gig at their own one (not guaranteed it will be longer), and there will also be more genuine BS fans as opposed to rock fans, but...

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Prague is a must!! It's a bit touristy, but its great for accomodation, and the food is really cheap, compared to the rest of Europe!! if you do decide to go there, try to get to Cesky Krumlov for a day or two... its definately a great place too!

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I'd choose Prague also!!! Very cool, fun, beautiful city.

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Forgot to mention that I've been to all the cities that you mentioned as your choices.

I think Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the World (the architecture was virtually untouched during the war). The downside is that, in Summer, it can get really crowded (if that doesn't bother you then you can't go wrong with Prague).

Vienna (very nice place with lots of pretty buildings and some great natural beauty nearby in Austria).

Athens (not a great city but lots of ancient architecture and natural beauty nearby).