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1. Posted by sammyjayne (Full Member 39 posts) 19y Star this if you like it!

going travelling in june on whv to oz! i wasnt sure on whether i should take a backpack or suitcase.
i plan on travelling around the whole of oz, maybe using buses or getting a car/camper van.
is it best to take a backpack (65 litres) or a suitcase? i have read a few threads that more and more people are taking suitcases.
as this is my first time travelling, i just need advice really on the pros and cons of backpack/siutcase?

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what about a backpack on wheels - I have seen them

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They are awesome!! This will show you what I mean...

They hold a TON! :)

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I personnaly love backpacks. I'm doing quite a lot of tramping so I've had a good backpack since a long time that I've been able to use for travelling as well. I think it's great because you can carry it on your back, I know it sounds obvious but imagine if you have to walk a long distance, ride public transportations, take stairways (on your way to the airport for instance), you'll be a lot more at ease with a backpack.
Also, I hate how a suitcases take so much space (in a car boot for instance) wheareas backpack can be squeezed, compressed.
What's good with suitcases is that your stuffs stay well-folded and are easy to find, but with good backpacks, you often can access your stuff by the top and also by the bottom of the bag. Also some of them can be completely opened, pretty much like a suitcase.
And finally, an empty suitcase is far more heavy than an empty backpack. Consider that if you will do a lot of moving around with your luggages.
Now, having said that, it what you'r going to do: if you know you'r going to rent a van to travel around and sleep in it, you won't be moving with your bag a lot then. A suitcase would be more appropriate for this kind of travel.

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How about a duffle bag on wheels with seperate compartments and opens in half!! Thats what im going with, ordered of the net and its great!

Quicksilver Discovery Bag, 121 litres (biggest thing i found including suitcases) lots of carrying handles and on rollers with pullout drag handle too.

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checked out the backpacks on wheels pretty cool!
i was given a backpack by a friend who said i could use it for my year WHV, its 70litre, but the only problem is it only opens from the top, so everytime i want to get clothes out i will more a less have to completely unpack my backpack. i have heard there are backpacks that open fully, but to be honest they are quite expensive. i am thinking of buying a suitcase with the extendable arm, even though im travelling around oz, im going to be staying in hostels and even buy a car/campervan so i think a suitcase on wheels mite be ok!
what does everyone think?

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Go for the extendable arm and wheels. Very convenient and much easier to move around. You can use the backstraps when needing to physically carry the bag

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Get a suitcase!

My friend and I are travelling around Oz for a year and both have suitcase. Unless you're actually going to be treking, you don't really need a backpack for Oz. Suitcases are easier to handle, and they're much easier to get stuff out of in a hurry (or the dark of a hostel bedroom!)

Plus you can always fit more in! The only thing to watch is the weight of your case before you start to pack, cause mine weighs about 5kg empty!!

Hope that helps x