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Hey People!

Id like to get a few tips and share a few about Filming/ photography.
I often make videos so send back home to friends and family to show them what I have been up to! I have made a 4 part video of my last trip to the USA but want to make a few more of my next trip, but could relay use some creative feedback. so check out the link and let me know.

My tips are:

- when your down the beach, carry a little bit of rice in your bag to absorb any moisture that might get on your camera or equipment. if you do get your cam wet place it in a bag of rice and leave it over night it might just save you buying a new cam!
- Put bits of colorful electrical tape over your camera to make it look damaged to reduce the chances of people wanting to steal it. they cant sell a badly damaged camera.
- use the clockworks from an egg timer to make a light weight time laps panning mount for your camera. bit of glue and a mount will be needed.
- bring extra charged up battery packs, nothing like missing a good photo because your cams dead.
-Don't spend your hole trip looking threw a camera lens! Enjoy the environment the scenery and the view of where you are! a photo will never do it justice.

pleases if you have any tips share them!


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